Economic Disaster looms: Canadian Judge Orders Christian Pastor Artur Pawlowski to “Preach Science”? By “Science” Canadians assume the judge means “Preach Political Science” – October 14, 2021,

As a Christian, I could see the writings on the wall that atheism would destroy this countries freedoms eventually. When modern atheists imagine Christianity, they imagine that a non-Christian nation will be one of Liberty. History has shown, that atheist nations tend to be socialist nations because when most people leave the charge they replace the church and “God” with the Government.

Believing in Creationism equates to not leaving your Liberty in the hands of the government, if you accept atheism, chances are you’re more accepting of forceful social engineering. When you’re a Christian you accept that people have the right to deny the existence of God and love them just the same. With atheists and lovers of big government, you’ll notice a theme that they’re always looking for an enemy to destroy, after all, according to them, there’s no heaven, no hell, we’re just here and at best if the Atheist has an above-average IQ, adhering to natural laws-which by the way the science hasn’t settled yet.

Anti-mask activists ordered by Calgary judge to preach science, too | cbc

So for me, it’s no surprise when Pastor Artur Pawlowski is fined for any reason the Canadian courts deem fit, but what was surprising to me is that the Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Adam Germain told Christian Pastor Artur Pawlowski to “Preach Science”. I personally think Adam Germain spoke in error or did not complete his sentence. I personally believe Adam Germain intended to say that Christian Pastor Artur Pawlowski was to “Preach Political Science” to his followers.

Currently, Canadian political science has its guidelines and Christian Pastor Artur Pawlowski is in violations of those political science guidelines and he’d better smarten up, because Canada’s moving further to the Left, and his kind of freedom of speech isn’t welcomed in the commune of the vaccinated. To be clear, Canada doesn’t have the same Freedoms and Liberties Americans enjoy.

From an economics standpoint, many of us know if the American economy crashes, and the global economy slows, Canada might find herself in unchartered territory, because rule by decree money, doesn’t bode well during supply shortages. Most government mandates and regulations are created with the assumption that there will never be an economic downturn, let’s hope these charlatans are correct!

An Anti-Mask Pastor Has Been Court Ordered To Preach Science & Fined $23,000 In Calgary |

Interesting times ahead!