Ed Calderon Exposes What the Media Won’t Tell You About the Migrant Caravan on Joe Rogan – May 23, 2019,

So yeah, sometimes it’s better that you hear a story from a person that has actual knowledge and experience on the topic. What the internet has done for humanity is allowed different perspectives and opinions and truths to blossom. Prior to the internet, the world had to accept the narrative of the mainstream media, things have changed, the world has changed, however it should be noted that most people similar to the television dominated era, still only use the internet for entertainment purposes and because of this, the people who are actually taking the time to learn without bias are starting to emerge as the new leaders of the new emerging world.

Now, unfortunately, history tells us that before the truth comes out, the current power structures will fight like hell to maintain their power. The wealth of the world because of the free market and better trade has actually made the world richer, the problem with the world getting richer is that existing oligarchs of the world start to lose power and influence. Which, ultimately turns a former great king or queen into a laughing stock, a relic of the past. Have you watched MSM and ever felt like you know more than what they’re trying to sell to you? Well if you do you’re not alone and that’s why controlling the narrative and limiting your freedom of speech, assembly and Nationalistic pride are coming under attack.

Most nations fall because of foreign invasion, it’s the reality, it might be an uncomfortable reality, but it’s the reality. If I move from Canada to Pakistan, should I expect the Pakistanis to change their behavior because I’ve arrived? Should they adjust their laws, change their customs and provide me with welfare not afforded to their common citizens? or if I come to their country should I be accepting of who they are and be respectful of their culture?

America is clearly under attack, unfortunately, the messenger Donald Trump is a polarizing figure, but seriously ask yourself the question, if your country was quietly under attack would you rather the message ring the alarm bells or pretend and make it seem like everything is okay?

interesting times ahead