eDiets.com Review

eDiets, which is short for easy diets, is a company that claims to be the leading weight loss program provider in the United States. Based in Florida, eDiets has been selling subscriptions for online weight loss program, subscriptions to home meal delivery weight loss program, and products related to diet, nutrition, and fitness for years now.

The company takes pride in the number of subscribers it currently has whom have been given access to a wide array of support services, access to registered dietitians, nutritionists, fitness expert, interactive online information, and many more.

More about eDiets

In order to take advantage of the weight loss capacity of eDiets, you have to first choose your own pre-selected Customer Favorites Package. Chosen meals are kept warm because they are delivered in stay-fresh covers. With eDiets, meal plans per day are well-explained.

The company claims that their diet program works because they meet the guidelines of the American Heart Association, their meals are designed based on the nutritional guidelines of major health organizations, meals are well-prepared and perfectly proportioned, and members are provided access to personalized support and online community.

Final thoughts on eDiets.com

eDiets is not the first company to have this kind program or to have claimed that their weight loss program works. The company may have the edge over newer weight loss programs in the market because it has been operating for quite sometime now, it’s still not an assurance that it will really make you lose weight. Remember, weight loss is not just all about choosing the right kind and amount of food, the quantity and quality of physical activity also matters.

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