efile Review Is It a Scam

Out of all the income tax solutions i see online efile seems to have the most accessible information. Once you get to the website you soon notice how easy it is to navigate. You don’t feel the imediate need to buy anything, its a very nicely built basic web page.

How Does Efile Compare to it’s Competition

I would rank it pretty high. However i would not rank it the best.  It’s pretty good for filing federal taxes very basic however if it’s your first time doing this type of thing a better suggestion would be H&R Block or even Turbo Tax. Which both boast top level service.

Efile however is one of the most cheapest options available online to do your taxes which is a very good thing the downer ofcourse is unlike TurboTax there’s no one to call in the event you run into a problem. But on the flip side if you have experience in filing your taxes you probably won’t need to contact customer support for anything.

Final Thoughts on efile Tax Software

The software itself is very good its very secure with your personal information it will get the job done. The one thing i don’t like is i dont see any form of guarantee in the event something happens in which the efile.com software is at fault. With H&R Block tax service if there software is at fault for any tax mishap H and R Block will reimburse you up to $10000.

That’s a service you can only say well you get what you pay for. None the less Efile.com is a good solution to do your taxes although not the best i would still say its a pretty good service. Please be advised that state tax service is a separate charge for almost all online tax  software providers and if you need immediate assistance with this turbo tax would be your best option.