Election Fraud Coming to Canada? After Liberal-NDP Merger Liberal Party of Canada promises to explore three-day polling day – March 27, 2022,


For people opposed to the current government of Canada, some more troubling news is in the making. Recently, instead of being diplomatic, the Liberal Party of Canada decided to freeze the bank accounts of political dissidents, which almost guarantees that certain segments of the Canadian population will not be voting for them. Making matters worse, a lot of NDP voters, vote for the NDP for very similar reasons people vote for the Conservative Party of Canada because they don’t want the Liberals to win and/or form a majority government and Jagmeet Singh broke the hearts of a lot of NDP voters by uniting with Justin Trudeau.

I mean let’s be honest if you’re an NDP voter, is this the Canada you want? When the Liberals disagree with you, they freeze your bank accounts?

I bring this up because election fraud never came to mind when Justin Trudeau won the 2021 election, but election fraud will be on the minds of a lot of Canadians, if “three-day polling” becomes the new normal. I vote and the instructions are very clear, I can imagine now that COVID-19 is ending that the Liberals and the NDP are going to open the flood gates of immigration, and immigrants tend to vote for Leftists political Party soon after they arrive.

It usually takes a few years of living under Left-wing leadership before SOME immigrants realize that the Liberals and NDP are trying to recreate the economic disasters that exist in the countries they’re fled from. In the United States, one can assume Joe Biden’s plan with his open border policies is to make all those illegal immigrants become voters in upcoming elections, I have to assume this is the NDP-Liberal plan moving forward also.

Liberal promise to explore three-day polling day took Elections Canada by surprise | ctvnews.ca

Interesting times ahead!