Election Fraud Is a Possibility In Canada: Canadian Media Attempts To Form a Narrative in Upcoming Election That Trudeau Will Win in a Landslide (The NDP Has money this election) – July 25, 2021,

There appears to be a concerted effort by the mainstream media to create the illusion that Justin Trudeau will win easily even though he’s losing support in Quebec and Ontario is still a toss-up. There is little incentive for Quebec not to vote in the exact manner they voted in the previous election and if people remember Justin Trudeau lost the popular vote in the last election.

What won Trudeau the election was Ontario, well Ontario recently made PROGRESSIVE Conservative Doug Ford the Premier and both the NDP and Greens have been gaining ground on Justin Trudeau, vote-splitting on the Left is a very real possibility and Jagmeet Singh had a terrible showing last election because the NDP was broke, well… that’s no longer the case

NDP repays multimillion-dollar campaign debt amid tough fundraising climate during pandemic | cbc.ca

Justin Trudeau can not remember how many times he wore blackface

Justin Trudeau can not remember how many times he wore blackface

As I’ve written in previous posts, it wouldn’t hurt the NDP, Greens, or the Bloc to form a coalition against Erin O’Toole, prior to Justin Trudeau winning, November 2015 election, the NDP were well on their way to replacing the Liberals, it’s because Pierre Trudeau is such a beloved figure in Canadian politics that most people overlooked Justin Trudeau’s indiscretions.

The Liberal Party is very vulnerable in the upcoming election, it’s not as if Erin O’Toole has threatened to turn off the welfare spiggots so far all Erin O’Toole has promised is to be a centrist, basically keeping Liberal era policies and lowering taxes, as well as cherishing Canadian liberties and Freedoms, Erin O’Toole is basic an uglier version of Justin Trudeau, who will protect your freedoms online and lower your cost of living?

Now if you’re a Government welfare lover, Jagmeet Singh provides are much better welfare State than Trudeau and the NDP aren’t as corporatist as Liberals, the NDP is pro-labor union, they’ll push hard for a $15 minimum wage and the time Justin Trudeau wasted partying, Jagmeet Singh will use that money and resources to grow the welfare state. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about Jagmeet Singh wearing Blackface.

The South Asian community is the largest minority community in Canada and they have a strong presence in Ontario. There are a lot of factors at play here that the media wants to shove under the rug and if you’re not planning on voting for Justin Trudeau you’d better let the media know that this bias is not acceptable in Canada.

Most Conservatives in Western Canada probably don’t even know about these polls they’re probably not even participating, Left Wingers tend to be over-represented in early polling because most people don’t get involved in polling until elections are OFFICIALLY underway.

What Global News is doing is exactly why it should be illegal for the Government to bail out failing news media. We already have the CBC, that’s taxpayer-funded, Justin Trudeau staying true to his corporatist roots, paid off the media and the post below looks like the Canadian media is trying to repay the debt.

Polls: Conservative support crumbling in Western Canada | globalnews.ca

Interesting times ahead!