EliteWealthPackage Scam Information

Why these people decide to take the route of a scam artist is beyond me. Now many times I focus on education and for this particular site I am going to educate the people reading video testimonials.

Video Testimonials Exposed

Now the number one thing that would possibly get a person to sign up for this is the video testimonial that’s what stood out to me with this particular program. To understand how this works you should visit a site called Testimonial Director. There you can get 25 video testimonials on your website for only $27 per month.

Elite Wealth Package Review

This is a very simple program to tackle at the bottom of the page it clearly states the follow

“For purpose of privacy, testimonial pictures have been adapted and are not their actual photos. Results may vary, testimonials are not typical results. All testimonials have been remunerated.”

Please take into account I wrote this article April 10, 2010 they may have changed it when you got to the page. I want to also touch on a portion on this sales page of this website where it says “the amazing software I found”. This gets a person like me very angry because this is a blatant lie and a complete misrepresentation about what making money on the internet is all about.  This or these scammers are trying to create the illusion that making money online is simple.

Final thoughts on Elite Wealth Package

Now they do show you what you are getting and make it a pleasant viewing experience but when you see it from the eyes of an experienced internet marketer whose been making money online for years you see right through the scam they’ve created. To me this is nothing more than the Google cash kit scam that plagued the internet all through 2009. Instead of using CPA marketing they are now using Clickbank.

If you signed up and want a refund and don’t how to do it just call clickbank @ 1-800-390-6035. If I’m not mistaken this number should be on your credit card statement but if you paid by paypal then you may not see the phone number. If anyone has success using the Elite Wealth Package I would like to hear about it. I would never spend my money on something that looks like this.

Also I want to point out that every time you try to leave this website they lower the price it can go as low as $9.95 how it works first click the order button then click the back button on your browser then click the “x” or try to close the tab on your browser window then it will give you discount of $20 then repeat this process and you can get it for as low as $9.95.  I won’t be providing you with a link to elite wealth package my soul is not for sale.

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