Best Email Marketing Software Review

i’ve been there i’ve tried allot of lower priced email marketing host providers i’ve even tried the self hosting email marketing softwares. In regards to the self hosting email responding softwares in every single instance i myself had to fix the or update the autoresponder script. This does give me an advantage over many people making a living in Internet Marketing but i also found it to be very time consuming

Best Email Marketing Software

What’s the best email marketing software? Well for me it’s AWeber at the moment they have a $1 promotion you might want to consider giving them a try before this offer is gone.

Personally i hope they get rid of this offer soon because what tends to happen with these offers is scammers come right on in and spam the heck out of people which hurts all the Aweber members.

This is the reason why I don’t like IContact. If you know anything about IContact you will know they have a promotion for $9.97 i think and the problem with this cheap price is that it invites scammers into spam people which effects the honest IContact users. One you join a software company email providers associate you and your company with that autoresponder company so if “john the spammer is with IContact” and people are complaining not only will John the spammer be penalized but also all IContact users will be penalized also.

This is real reason why most autoresponder companies charge so much for their service. Email marketing has evolved into a form of internet marketing for professionals and if you haven’t mastered the art of email marketing i think you should think twice before getting into it. I will give you a few tips of advice. try not to sell something with every email you send and also try to provide some useful information you have to give some to get some.

I fully support AWeber I just hope they get rid of this $1 offer soon. Best wishes to you feel free to leave any comments or questions below.