The 1 Law for Email Marketing Subject Lines

How many times have you seen an email come through only to delete it? We have email coming out of our ears today. Spam email, friends and family sending email, work email and politicians sending email. If you’re using an autoresponder through email marketing, you have one shot at getting your email opened by the recipient.

Headline Action for you email marketing campaign

Having a catching headline is the first place you should concentrate. Some marketers paste their first sentence in the subject line. The person receiving the email sees the headline running off the page and an ellipse at the end. The person doesn’t know the subject of the email from looking at the headline.

When you use email marketing software, you have to remember there are thirty thousand other marketers competing for your recipient’s attention. You have to write eye grabbing headlines so they will open the email.

If you need help writing headlines, do some research. Grab your local newspaper and jot down all the headlines that catch your eye. If you still aren’t sure, login on Twitter and watch the headlines that pop up in your feed, watching for those that make you want to click on the link.

Set and Forget the power of an Autoresponder

Having an autoresponder set up for your business will work on autopilot for you so you can set and forget. Email marketing is the number one way for you to make money on the Internet because email is more personal than a blog post. If you’re on the fence about whether to invest in an email marketing software program, then it’s worth the time and money. You can use a program like Get Response, which has several templates already made for you to use.

A good Autoresponder means less to worry about

Having a service also ensures you don’t have to double check whether an email reached its destination. Every email marketing software company has tracking so you can see in the back end how many emails were sent, how many were opened and how many bounced.

Remember, when you’re writing headlines, to play with about ten before deciding on the one you want to use in your email marketing campaign. You want one that will have them at hello and make them open the email.

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