a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

Emergency Act Abuser, tyrant and suspected White Supremacist Justin Trudeau Approves Neo Lithium sale to a Chinese company while First Nations Woman Tamara Lich jailed for Mischief charge – February 25, 2022,

If a person were to look at what’s happening in Canada, it looks like Justin Trudeau is compromised, citing national security, current Prime Minister of Canada had visual minority Tamara Lich arrested for mischief charges. The abuse of Canada’s first nations people continues. Whenever First Nations people oppose government tyranny, it appears that there’s an overt attempt by Justin Trudeau to make an example out of them, Supposed Feminist Trudeau appears to be the most ruthless to first nations women, who take a political stand against him

Former Minister of JUSTICE and Attorney General of Canada Jody Wilson-Raybould found herself on Trudeau’s bad side when she called out corruption. She caught Trudeau red-handed on tape and a reminder that she was actually SILENCED by the Prime Minister, for simply being honest? With Tamara Lich being that she was one of the leaders of the Freedom Convoy, Trudeau using his emergency Act powers had her put in prison, even using her as a justification to freeze bank accounts?

Trudeau has worn blackface more times than he can remember and some have argued Chrystia Freeland has family ties to Nazis in Germany? Anyone who knows anything about Hitler, he definitely wasn’t pro-freedom in fact his economic ideals were eerily similar to Stalin of Russia, so when people see a video of Trudeau “jokingly” admiring China’s basic dictatorship and opting for an Emergencies Act so he can become a dictator himself, is it a far stretch to imagine that Trudeau is a puppet of the Chinese Communist Party?

Trudeau opted to FREEZE the bank accounts of a first nations woman? Now, think about it for a second, Tamara Lich’s ancestry predates Trudeau’s ancestry in Canada, where is Tamara Lich going to go? Her protest was about ending mandates, and the government’s over-reach. The Neo Lithium sale to a Chinese company risks Canada and America’s national security? Which is one of the reasons Trudeau enacted the Emergencies Act on the Freedom Convoy protestors?

Members of Congress call out Canada for approving Neo Lithium sale to Chinese company | nationalpost.com

Interesting times ahead!