Enough With Regulations RAISE INTEREST RATES: Liberal Party of Canada plans to go after house flippers, but the CRA is already doing so – December 2, 2021,

The housing market in Canada is getting ridiculous, the main reason people are WISELY taking advantage of the Canadian housing market is that interest rates are low and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation(CMHC) will protect certain real estate investors from catastrophic losses? That sounds like a win, win situation for investors.

We have to remember that when these federal government housing schemes were first devised under the Jean Chretien-Paul Martin Liberals nobody imagined interest rates would fall to nearly zero percent and remain there for now closing in on 20 years! Our system communist central banking system was supposed to MIRROR the free market, the Keynesian economic theory was for the government to intervene only when necessary and even Keynes didn’t know a world without a Gold Standard.

This rule by fiat monetary system combined with a communist central banking cartel and government mortgage insurance company many of us call the CMCH of course would cause the disaster we see today. We’re in an era in which bad government ideas are rewarded by central banks. It’s an embarrassment that we’re on a fiat monetary system and the government can’t make a profit?

The ICBC crown corporation scam in British Columbia which now has their taxpayers paying the highest car insurance rates in the country should have been the template that showed Canadians why the Government shouldn’t get involved in the free market. This housing market crisis in Canada has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH CAPITALISM. What most people hate about capitalism are BANKRUPTCIES AND DEFLATION. Socialism and/or communism work to prevent deflation and bankruptcy, and the end result is INFLATION, which is actually economic DEFLATION because if it costs more fiat dollars to purchase fewer goods, the economy is actually deflating which is why the Federal government and the Bank of Canada will have to work in conjunction to STIMULATE the economy.

Liberals plan to go after house flippers, but the CRA is already doing so | financialpost.com

Interesting times ahead!