Environment Canada Tweet about Canada’s #CleanFuelRegulations posted on 4:17 PM · Jun 29, 2022, only gets 24 Likes as of today’s date, they have 430.7K Followers – July 5, 2022,

Honestly, I consider Twitter worthless, I don’t put much value into social media, I don’t think social media is even a representation of what people are thinking, however, I was reading a post and the post claimed that Environment Canada had received 78 likes. Because I read the tweet today, I thought it received only 78 likes because it was published TODAY, turns out it was actually published June 29, 2022?

Today, we published Canada’s #CleanFuelRegulations.

This important part of our climate plan for a cleaner, stronger economy will cut up to 26 million tonnes of #GreenhouseGas emissions by 2030. | @environmentca

Dumb ideas are popular until their not. I don’t use Twitter, but as I’m writing this Environment Canada @environmentca has 430.7K Followers? You’re telling me @environmentca with 430.7K Followers could only get 78 likes? Are we being serious here? They even made a cute little video, it’s not like it’s long drawn-out 1500 page article, it’s a 40-second video? Anyway, I’m not going to make too much of this because it’s Twitter and most of us don’t take Twitter seriously.

Interesting times ahead!