Environmentalists are Globalists: The real reason why Environmentalist hate Small modular nuclear reactors – July 3, 2020,

I was an environmentalist most of my youth, my house is actually littered with solar panels and inverters, I actually love solar, that’s why I know it’s limitations. I personally was heavily invested in Grid fallback systems, which I thought was worthy of consideration. A grid fallback system equates to you as an individual only using the grid if the power you generate isn’t enough to power your home.

When you understand a Gridfall back system, you’ll comprehend that what environmentalists really want is free money from taxpayers. The feed-in tariff model in which people were being paid by the government to be energy inefficient, was and still is propping up globalists.

Nobody asks where the money is going to pay for these feed-in-tariff models, well the story goes that the money is being used to finance future development of renewable energies, but as everyone knows, even Elon Musk hasn’t been successful making renewable energies cost-effective.

Elon Musk built a huge solar and wind farm and the best it could do was power 30,000 rural South Australia homes for up to an hour. Think about that for a moment, that is the so far the best Solar and Wind could do and a reminder that this is Australia we’re talking about here, Australia gets a lot of sun and the best it could do was power 30,000 rural South Australia homes for up to an hour.

I bring this to your attention because clean energy already exists, I’ve been writing about Small modular nuclear reactors for years, Nuclear power plants don’t have to be these large monstrosities, the reason they’re large is that the government artificially raising the cost of labor and in order for particular projects to be economically efficient, private companies have to go large, thus we have these unnecessarily large nuclear power plants.

With that aside, Nuclear only requires government oversight, it doesn’t require the government mailing out checks to solar bond investors. The solar bond scam comes from tax-payers paying more for energy and this money is then funneled over to globalist investors, many of whom are backed by OPEC. OPEC want’s the Western world to be reliant on it!

This feed-in tariff scam and these renewable energy rackets need to be exposed for the frauds that they are. If you’re into solar and wind, what you should do is build your own solar and wind power plant. This will tell you everything you need to know about the solar and wind scams that exist in the world today!

The article below is the perfect illustration of solar and wind scam, the writer doesn’t talk about the process to bring batteries to mark, the dirty process to bring solar panels to market, the dirty and destructive process to bring these ugly wind farms to market, all of this ignored and instead the writer attempts to discredit the cleanest most energy-efficient source of reliable clean energy in the world which is nuclear!

Opinion: Small modular nuclear reactors distract from real climate solutions | leaderpost.com

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