Erin O’Toole Misses Opportunity to address Justin Trudeau’s FORCED vaccines on Canadian Law Enforcement – September 5, 2021,

Erin O’Toole in the video below fails to address the FORCED vaccine regulation that Justin Trudeau is forcing on many public servants, I’m curious as to what polling data the Conservative Party of Canada is following because addressing that one issue could all but guarantee Erin O’Toole wins the 2021 election.

80 percent of eligible people in Canada are vaccinated with their first dose and 64 percent are fully vaccinated according to the Government website(which I don’t trust). Now I don’t know what “eligible” means according to the government and being that fully vaccinated people can still get the virus, I’m curious to know Erin O’Toole’s perspective on this topic?

If law enforcement is FORCED to take a vaccine shot, via government regulation, that’s essentially going to put a strain on hiring law enforcement personnel. Worse than that is even if let’s say Erin O’Toole raises the pay of law enforcement, what will happen is the wrong types of people will become policies officers, which is what usually happens whenever governments create unnecessary regulations.

Forced vaccinations is a regulation on the economy, even if a person likes more regulations, there are pros and cons to every government law. Because every time Erin O’Toole walks on stage he has that silly mask on his face, what comes to mind is the same thing Maxime Bernier of the People’s Party of Canada has been saying, the Conservatives are Liberal-Lite. The race is for Erin O’Toole to LOSE! He’s in the right place at the right time and if he can’t win this election, his days might be numbered.

Interesting times ahead