Steven Guilbeault - The Face of Canadian Fascism

The Face of Canadian Fascism – Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault wants the Government to control the Online Media

Erin O’Toole Has One Mission and it’s to defeat Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh’s Political Career is on the line and Maxime Bernier Needs a voice in Ottawa – August 16, 2021,

As a true Conservative when it comes to politics, I don’t have a bias on what I think the outcome will be, it is what it is and I’ll be frank about it, as it stands right now Justin Trudeau is a powerhouse. You might not like to hear that, but I like to remind the reader that the NDP had dethroned the Liberals until Justin and the brand name “TRUDEAU” came onto the scene.

I hear Canadians throwing around the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms that comes from Pierre Trudeau, that’s one of the major reasons why the Liberals have any power in Canada. In the 1990s the Liberals had to rebrand themselves as fiscally responsible, of course, those Liberals are the architects of the Corporatism we see in Canada today, but that’s how bad things were getting for the Liberal Party of Canada, they had change course because, although Pierre Trudeau to a degree believed in particular freedoms, he didn’t believe in FREE MARKETS, which had a devastating effect on the Canadian economy.

We have the GST because Brian Mulroney refused to level with the Canadian public, which left the door wide open for the Chretien Liberals to assume the role of the fiscally responsible party. All that aside, Stephen Harper changed swung the pendulum back, and quite possibly still been Prime minister today, but Justin “TRUDEAU” got into politics, and when most Canadians hear the name “Trudeau” a sense of Nostalgia takes over.

Justin Trudeau can not remember how many times he wore blackface

Justin Trudeau can not remember how many times he wore blackface

They remember when Canada was “cool” when we were admired, talked about when everyone wanted to move here including Americans, that’s the power of the name “Trudeau” in Canada. With that said, Justin Trudeau has been a disaster for the Canadian economy, just like his dad, the difference being Justin will most likely be the last time Canadians fall for the “Trudeau” brand as Trudeau has been an embarrassment for Canada, Canadians on the left are only fearful of losing power, it’s really not about them liking Trudeau.

Unlike Pierre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau wants to control how Canadians talk, the way they think, Justin Trudeau is not cool anywhere, he’s an embarrassment when he’s gone Liberals will be happy to replace him, but finding his replacement is the real problem because the Liberals have been getting a lot of things wrong for a very long time.

With Jagmeet Singh, he has to know his political career might be coming to end if he loses this election, all that aside the NDP has a strong following and this shouldn’t be ignored in the coming election. The NDP has tasted success, in several different provinces in Canada and if Jagmeet Singh can be the single reason Justin Trudeau loses the 2021 election, Jagmeet Singhs’ political career may indeed catapult.

Similar to the People’s Party of Canada, the NDP is thinking about the long game, Canada Post Trudeau, the Liberals without Trudeau will need to be remade, Chrystia Freeland is not a sure bet, she comes across as rather arrogant, Justin Trudeau hides his arrogance because he is, after all, a Drama teacher, he speaks both English and French fluently and he has the ability to turn on his charms when the time warrants it.

Chrystia Freeland if she is Trudeau’s replacement is not a sure bet, which the NDP would be banking on in a world post-Justin Trudeau. For Maxime Bernier, his dream scenario would be for Erin O’Toole to become Prime Minister ad for him to win his Beauce riding because this would show Canadians that Maxime Bernier is NOT splitting the vote, because Erin O’Toole won, while he was still able to carry his riding.

The way I see it, I don’t believe the polls, because Conservatives tend to work hard and if they’re not working they’re looking for work. I don’t answer my phone unless I know how is calling, I don’t check my emails unless I’m expecting an email from someone important.

The mood of Canada when I’m outside has shifted, I called Justin Trudeau winning the last election, I believe Erin O’Toole will win the upcoming election because the way I see it, Erin O’Toole simply needs a repeat performance of Andrew Scheer.

The 2021 Federal Election could skyrocket Jagmeet Singh's political career or end it

The 2021 Federal Election could skyrocket Jagmeet Singh’s political career or end it

The NDP lost seats last election because of Jagmeet Singh’s incompetence, had the NDP had their acts together, Justin Trudeau may have lost, Andrew Scheer won the popular vote, Seats won by the Liberals 157, Seats won by the Conservatives 121, I expect the Bloc Will have a repeat performance and the New Democratic Party will be the reason Justin Trudeau loses.

To give you the mood of the country in 2019 Andrew Scheer got 6,239,227 votes and Justin Trudeau got 6,018,728 votes, meaning that Andrew Scheer got 220,499 more votes than Justin Trudeau. The NDP ran a horrible campaign in 2019 and Jagmeet Singh still managed to get 2,903,722 total votes. The prize in all of this was of course Ontario, but oddly enough Manitoba could go either way. What I’m getting at here is that this is the opportunity of a lifetime for Jagmeet Singh, this would be history in the making for the NDP if they could be the single reason why Justin Trudeau lost the election, Jagmeet Singh’s political career skyrockets, all of a sudden he’s a legitimate threat to be the future Prime Minister of Canada.

Just to give you an understanding of what I’m talking about South Asian demographics make up 8.7% of Ontario, they’re only 8% in British Colombia It’s not a stretch of the imagination that Jagmeet Singh could beat Justin Trudeau and basically turn the Liberals into a non-factor for the next decade.

In the immediate term, this bodes well for Erin O’Toole, it doesn’t assure Erin O’Toole victory, but it becomes a possibility and I think this is what Erin O’Toole is banking on, this is why in my opinion Erin ‘Toole is being more of Centrist and getting rid of the true blue Conservatives because he doesn’t want Canadians to feel like a vote for him will equate to massive changes in Canada.

Being that Erin O’Toole is a military man, I assume his state of mind is to complete the mission, I imagine that’s how he’s approaching this election. simply complete the mission and worry about everything else later. Even while I’m writing this Erin O’Toole feels a bit far-fetched, but it’s just what I believe is going to happen, I believe Erin O’Toole wins a minority government and I also imagine Jagmeet Singh realizing the seriousness of this election.

In the end, the voters decide so make sure you vote!

Trudeau calls federal election, voters to go to the polls Sept. 20 | CTV

Interesting times ahead!