Essex Topcrop Sales Limited Unfairly Targeted on Google Reviews By Pathetic, Lazy Welfare Loving Canadians – July 1, 2021,

If by chance you’re surfing the net looking for information regarding “Essex Topcrop Sales Limited” do yourself a favor and make sure you actually read the Google Reviews regarding this company that’s been around since 1963 and only in the year 2021 after July first began getting a plethora of negative reviews.

I personally have a huge problem with “Google and Amazon reviews” and their deceptive five-star rating system that most people trust. I’ve written in prior posts about fake Brita water filters being sold on Amazon and often getting 5-star ratings, Amazon sells a lot of counterfeit crap and vendors can also buy fake reviews and because the public is ignorant to what’s going, people buy into the stupidity. Oh this can’t happen in Canada the socialist Lib-tards say to themselvesmy government protects me these morons assume.

These same morons are the types of people that will seek out an enemy to destroy and currently, that enemy is Essex Topcrop Sales Limited the reason they’re getting all of these FAKE NEGATIVE reviews on Google has to do with an article published on titled:Employer frustrated at Canadians who ‘just don’t want to work’.

If people ever wonder why a lot of people in the private sector dissolve into corporatists, this Essex Topcrop Sales Limited story is the perfect example. I’m writing this primarily to defend freedom of speech and when you speak freely as a business owner, there are many ways for the Marxists to take you down.

Employer frustrated at Canadians who ‘just don’t want to work’ |

Multi Billionaire Mike Bloomberg at one point defended the Chinese Communist Party, and for some people, they were baffled as to why a capitalist like Mike Bloomberg would defend a Marxist Chinese Communist Party? Well, as I pointed out, Mike Bloomberg didn’t become a multi-billionaire without learning about history, namely the history of Socrates.

Bloomberg: Xi isn’t a dictator because China doesn’t want democracy |

As Karl Marx pointed out Democracy is the road to socialism after all if you read the Communist Manifesto, Democratic socialism is mentioned in it, The Communist Manifesto is merely the reality of late-stage-capitalism, but Karl Marx and all of these modern socialist idiots genuinely believe that the private business person, is the enemy, even though without Canadian companies like Essex Topcrop Sales Limited Canadians may find that prices for pet-related goods rise rise sharply.

But then again as I like to point out the real tax cheats are the people on WELFARE who by the way don’t care about inflation because you’re not contributing members of society. If sales taxes rise and the prices for goods and services rise, but I didn’t work to produce any of those goods why should I care about price inflation? right?

Ignorant people assume that Welfare and Universal Basic Income don’t come at a cost to society. One of the reasons I’m writing this post is because OIL RICH Venezuela had a Universal Basic Income, it wasn’t called a UBI but a lot of Venezuelans didn’t work, because they didn’t have to work. What began happening after Hugo Chávez changed the Venezuelan constitution and began nationalizing private businesses was distribution companies began leaving Venezuela.

Some people were baffled as to why there was a massive rush to buy toilet paper when the pandemic started, most people know about Venezuela, but because most Canadians don’t understand what led to the Venezuelan economic crash, there’s this belief that Canadians can simply continue to bash private businesses and collect welfare checks without worry.

A reminder to all of you socialist left-leaning idiots, hyperinflation of a currency usually occurs when private businesses are no longer PROFITABLE and the country becomes reliant on imports. When it costs more Canadian dollars buy fewer goods and services and there’s no longer a private sector to blame because the private sector has shrunk, that’s usually when the hyperinflationary genie is out of the bottle and once that happens there’s no easy way to fix it, except for Austerity measures and austerity measures is a hard sell once people have been brainwashed into socialism.

In Argentina, the people have become accustomed to hyperinflation because austerity measures are out of the question, to those of you who assume hyperinflation can’t happen in Canada, it happened in the 1980s oddly enough soon after Pierre Trudeau’s socialist policies were enacted. Justin Trudeau has been quite honest in that he has said that he didn’t think his father did enough.

For people like myself, we hope for the best, but I’m a firm believer that Canada is going is simply going to have to learn things the hard way. Anyway any negative reviews you see regarding Essex Topcrop Sales Limited should be read for authenticity, Canadians love them some welfare, and Craig Brummell made the mistake of, well… speaking freely in the face of the UBI Loving “Woke mob” which is usually protected by Big Tech, so umm yea, Craig Brummell no offense but this is why many of us don’t say anything, the idiots are in charge of the insane asylum.

Lazy people will always be the majority in a democracy and they will always run to the government for free crap! People have a right to be lazy, but there is no reason why we working-class folks should be forced to subsidize them!


Interesting times ahead!