Review – Is it a scam?

eStore Builder, which you could check out at, is another work-at-home opportunity, an addition to the growing number of websites offering opportunities to earn money from home. Unlike other websites, eStore Builder is not merely a system that will teach or train you to be good in link posting (the most common); rather, it will help you build a website where you can sell products, post links for these products, and earn additional commission for them.

More about eStore Builder

The website has an advertorial which you could check out here. In the website, FinanceReports24-7, you could read a story of a woman who has been out of job due to recession but found a better way to earn money without compromising her family life through eStore Builder. It’s obviously an advertorial because it seems like a news site but it definitely just wanted to promote

However, if you decide to sign up and give eStore Builder a try, you are not required to be a paying member. The downside though of taking the free membership is that you’ll only be able to create an online store. It is actually very limiting that you won’t even earn money from it.

Final thoughts on

The woman in the advertorial claims that she earns between $4,000 and $6,000 within a month of working on her online site from eStore Builder. What’s more, she claims to be only working for less than the typical 8-hour job. If you are confronted with websites or companies with too good to be true claims, it would be better to look into similar sites first and do your own search. Find out if this business opportunity will suit you or not.

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