Exactseek.com Review Is It a Scam?

First thing I want to say is I’ve actually tried Exactseek and I can tell you from first hand experience that it really does suck. Some signs that let you know it sucks is if you visit Alexa.com and read the reviews you can tell which ones are real and which ones are fakes. That being said the really reason I know it sucks is because of Google Analytics which tells you what a visitor does when the get to your website.

What I did and if you’re going to sign up I consider you do this too is I created  a “featured listing” at exactseek and then I created the exact same one and ran it on bing/Microsoft adcenter. First thing I notice the first days of usage was the major differences between how long my people stayed on my site using Microsoft adcenter versus the length of time spent on my site using Exactseek.

The traffic that came from Exactseek visited 1 page and stayed an average of 1.56 page visits their Avg. Visit Duration on my site 00:00:51 seconds. Bing on the other hand gave me these stats 4.00 page visits and Avg. Visit Duration 00:07:10. That’s a huge difference and an entirely different type of visitor. What I think is the only people that use Exactseek are people that are going to buy from Exactseek. Of-course I suspect foul play but I can’t prove it and also I don’t really care at this point I didn’t make any money from exactseek and Bing provided me with some loyal paying customers. Did Bing cost me more? Yes! Did bing exceed my ROI? YES! What did Exactseek do for me? Exactseek taught me a financial lesson I’ll never forget I wasted about $70 for nothing thanks Exactseek!

My advice regarding Exactseek

If you really want to sign up and learn how crappy exactseek is; my advice to you to is try the 3 month’s term and only buy 1 keyword. The one good thing about Exactseek is you can change your keywords as many times as you want within that 3 month’s period. So after you try the different keywords and notice little to no results you’ll probably get a better understanding of what I mean.

There is a lot of people that preach all your website needs is web traffic I agree with that statement to a degree I also won’t jump on board with notion that your site needs targeted traffic. My belief is your website needs quality traffic and the only way a person will get quality traffic is if the offer a quality product or service. Once this is established your next move is to find the people that have been searching for you and that for me is honestly where advertising and marketing gets fun.

Last words regarding Exactseek.com I don’t recommend it but based on their Terms of Service* which I highly recommend you read before paying they clearly explain what you’ll be getting yourself into. Based on their Terms of service no they’re not a scam and yes they are legit however based on my review and my experience I wouldn’t waste my advertising dollar there if I were you.

To be honest I’m not a big fan of what I consider to be low quality traffic however I did write a post about how you can test low quality traffic for $2. Experience has always been my best teacher and to be honest sometimes my curiosity gets the better of me.

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