Excessive regulations on the Canadian economy created the demand for Chinese Made Goods: “John Robson: Don’t blame Big Business for our made-in-China addiction”, My Response – December 15, 2021,

When I read certain articles, I get annoyed, because whether the Canadian author is Liberal, Conservative, or independent, they always gloss over the elephant in the room which is why is are so many things made in China in the first place? In Canada, one of the answers is that we’re at war with the United States. If you don’t know what I mean, do yourself a favor go to America go on a shopping spree and declare everything you bought in the United States on your way back.

When the Canadian government smacks you with a “How dare you buy things in America” tax, you’ll quickly learn why so many things are made in China. Chinese-made goods are usually taxed exempt. Another reason why so many things are made in China is that Canada is at war with Canadian energy companies. Currently, we’re charging energy producers a carbon tax along with the other taxes they already pay. My current Enbridge gas bill now comes with a carbon tax attached to it? Now, that’s a residential home, I can only imagine the carbon taxes Canadian businesses pay.

Let’s not forget the union taxes which include minimum wage laws, one of China’s tools is to manipulate their currency, which obviously undermines our tariffs. Now, in your head, you’d assume this hurts China, right? Wrong, because they made things you forgot? When you produce things, there are usually excesses, which obviously lowers the costs LOCALLY. When China debases its currency it undermines amongst others our FEDERAL minimum wage LABOUR laws. Of course, most provinces in Canada are run by idiots, I believe on average the minimum wage in Canada is about $13. This is one of the reasons certain companies would rather manufacture things in China than in Canada. It’s cheaper on multiple levels.

Furthermore, we have social justice regulations on the economy that actually incentivize employers to hire people based on what they identify as. There are all sorts of regulations too numerous for me to write in this post, that make China the preferred location for manufacturing. But because Canadian media likes to provide digestible answers for their readers, they attempt to simplify their arguments to indebted Canadian consumers that if they want to do their part and shrink the Chinese influence on our lives, they should simply pay more for made in Canada?

I’d like to add that Canada doesn’t make as much as it used to, I’m not sure in this modern era what happens if Canada can’t buy made-in-China goods? I’m not sure what would happen because as I point out, made in America which is also shrinking, gets tariffed when it arrives in Canada, which is the real reason why a lot of products that are abundant in America are scarce in Canada.

By the way, I’m also aware that some made in America products are mostly made in China, but that’s not the reason America gets taxed, the belief is that if we don’t tax American goods, America will take us over? Well as the article points out, it appears that we’re instead being taken over by communist China. If you’re a Canadian vendor selling American-made products, you’re going to have to pass the tariff/tax over to the Canadian consumer who also has the ability to compare prices online.

We need to have more conversations about THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS in Canada! The mainstream media has the platform to make this conversation a reality. I’m not simply talking about one article I’m talking about making these discussions a national debate, Canadians need to know the disaster they’re creating and what they can do to stop it. If Canadians hear and understand the arguments and have no desire to stop it, well at the very least, the rest of us can prepare for the inevitable.

John Robson: Don’t blame Big Business for our made-in-China addiction | NationalPost.com

Interesting times ahead!