a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

Excusing Justin Trudeau’s Divisive Behavior The Norm in Canadian Media: Domestic extremism ‘here to stay’ in Canada, Trudeau’s security advisor says – March 11, 2022,


First and foremost, you’ll notice the title of the article didn’t include the words “violence” instead the writer used the words “Domestic extremism” which are words open to interpretation. For people with particular ideologies, which are typically Left-Leaning they imagine that any human that doesn’t BEHAVE in the manner that makes them comfortable, then that individual is exhibiting behavior that might be considered “extreme”.

Justin Trudeau takes a knee at anti-racism protest on Parliament Hill

Justin Trudeau takes a knee at anti-racism protest on Parliament Hill

During the Freedom Convoy, you have to put into context, the Prime Ministers’ refusal to meet with the protestors. Instead of meeting with the protestors, Justin Trudeau hurled insults at them. Now, if this type of behavior was consistent with Trudeau, one could argue that Trudeau always does this, but no, Trudeau has met with protestors he agreed with, especially when those protestors were able to get the attention of all Canadians. There are pictures of Trudeau kneeling with protestors.

In the picture I point to above, you’ll notice the Prime Minister wearing a mask, that’s because that protest happened in late June 2020. So you can clearly see, that if a protest gets enough attention Trudeau will be there. One could assume that the Protestors at the Freedom Convoy expected some sort of engagement with Justin Trudeau.

From a common-sense perspective, Trudeau could have met with the protestors and used that photo opportunity as a way to show he was willing to talk with people he disagreed with ideologically, that would have been a HUGE win for Justin Trudeau, especially if the media was able to show the protestors in a negative light.

But for reasons, I don’t understand Trudeau not only refused to meet with the Freedom Convoy protestors, but he also sent the police on them and went as far as freezing their bank accounts. Now, what I like to point out in all of this is why I believe Trudeau used the emergencies act. My belief is he did it, because of the Tow Truck Drivers, who refused to tow any trucks. It’s one thing to have everyone arrested, it’s something else if you can’t tow their trucks.

The symbol of trucks being left idly on Ottawa Streets would have shown how powerless Trudeau was. But, as per usual, when tyrants over-reach, they have to take things a step too far. Once Trudeau used his Emergency Act powers to freeze bank accounts, this action didn’t just send shock waves across Canada, this went global and Trudeau doing this will NEVER be forgotten, by people who understand what he did.

The government is not supposed to have that type of power, that’s authoritarian powers, Trudeau did this WITHOUT a court order, he also allowed the banks to be free and clear from any lawsuits. When you understand that many of the Freedom Convoy protestors had families, and were NON-Violent, this can be viewed as an attack on Trudeau’s political enemies. Being the Prime Minister doesn’t make you above the law, even if you listen to Trudeau’s reasoning for using the Emergencies Act, he claims it was targeted, well being that it was a non-violent protest, and the bank freezes revolved around the OTTAWA protestors?

OTTAWA — Two senior Mounties said they only asked banks to freeze the accounts of people and organizations who were actually at the so-called “Freedom Convoy” protests in Ottawa, and only after officers called most of the targeted protesters to warn them.
Banks were only asked to freeze accounts of ‘Freedom Convoy’ protesters in Ottawa, and after most were warned: RCMP | nationalpost.com

I have to ask, why did he have to freeze bank accounts? The protestors at the border crossings weren’t targeted, which one could imagine would be the only NATIONAL threat. The Ottawa protestors had their children present, which is one of the reasons why the Municipal police had a difficult time arresting anyone, and also why it clearly wasn’t a violent protest. The people merely wanted federal mandates dropped.

Trudeau could have easily met with the protestors and told the protestors NO! Instead, what he’s left with now, is Canada’s mainstream media attempting to frame anyone who opposes him as a Domestic extremist? When you attempt to cover for a divisive person, you risk sounding ridiculous. When I read the article below, it sounded ridiculous, something out of “Nineteen Eighty-Four”. But this is where we are now, and it’s important that history is written for what it is, because I believe that events in history occur because there was some sort of demand for it.

There are people who genuinely like what Trudeau did, I can imagine if I was living in Ottawa and horns were honking all day, I’d be pretty annoyed, but protestors are always annoying, it’s the job of the person in charge to unite the country, not divide it even further. The worst part in all of this is Canadian media, it’s really shameful how the media has rallied behind the Prime minister, disinterested in presenting both sides. This isn’t democratic, this type of journalism lends itself to propaganda. During periods of peril, a disillusioned population won’t have the ability to rebuild what those that came before them built.

Domestic extremism ‘here to stay’ in Canada, Trudeau’s security advisor says | globalnews.ca

Interesting times ahead!