ExtraIncomeProfits.com Review – Is it a scam?

Extra Income Profits of ExtraIncomeProfits.com is a website that promotes another training material that would help anyone earn money working from home. According to the website, all you need is a computer and an internet access to take their online marketing course in their virtual classroom. This opportunity is open to anyone, with or without prior online experience.

More about Extra Income Profits

In order to get into their virtual classroom for their online marketing course, you have to fill out the form in their home page to get started. You only need to provide your full name, email address, and phone  number. Other than stating the requirements needed to get you started, Extra Income Profits does not provide any more information regarding their marketing course and the money-making opportunity that you could gain out of it.

Reading its privacy policy will tell you that your personal information will be used to send you promotional offers that you may be interested in. Your personal details may also be shared to their partner companies for the same purpose.

Final thoughts on ExtraIncomeProfits.com

Be extra careful in providing your personal information especially your contact details to websites like ExtraIncomeProfits.com, who do not exactly specify the money-making opportunity that they’re offering. Most often, these websites will only use them for marketing purposes.

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