Will FaceBook Replace Google The Big Question

Talks are FaceBook will replace Google and my opinion it’s not happening, but i do think Facebook will be the google of social media. Why do i think it’s not happening. Facebook built it’s empire on the idea of  “privacy” most of the people using Facebook at the moment feel safe using Facebook because they feel as though there privacy is not in jeopardy.

Social Media and Social Networking Facts.

the fact is The Young people control social media, if the youth aren’t into it it’s not going to fly at the moment Twitter is a hot thing and many people including myself can see twitter turning into yesterdays news over night. Facebook is in an interesting space because they’ve managed to make people feel comfortable using them. Unfortunately that “usually” comes with a price, this is where advertising in my opinion becomes a problem for facebook if they can properly pull it off we can possibly see the rise of empire Facebook, if they don’t facebook can easily fall into that myspace territory.

Actually if they don’t pull it off it they might fall into Hi5 territory which isn’t such a bad thing but none the less there are many that want to see FaceBook rise to dominance. Personally I don’t see social media becoming competition for search engines i see them as two separate entities which should remain as such. Yet and still i do think it was a smart move on googles part creating there social media platform called Google Buzz because it gives people an alternative to Facebook.

If this were chess i would have to say Google is playing the game very well. This puts Facebook in a position where they have to almost be perfect with there following moves. Because if Google Buzz fails nobody will really care and google still has there search engine but if Facebook makes a mistake in which the people don’t like those same people will drift to google buzz and even if they leave google buzz Facebook still winds up losing those people.

When people leave a social networking platform they usually never return that’s the risk of social networks is that you have to be in the know. People need search engines it’s a known fact, people don’t need social networks the use them and the moment people feel as though there privacy is jeopardized people exit as soon as possible, that’s the huge difference between facebook and google.

Now as an affiliate marketer who does the PPC thing at the moment Facebook looks pretty good because you can really target your market but how long this will last is something else, remember again privacy when people feel there privacy is being compromised watched out! not saying this is what will happen to Facebook but look at from your perspective imagine you filled out a profile and then you found out all these advertisers could target you based on the information on your profile. It would make me feel a bit uncomfortable almost as if i were being watched.

Not sure how the general public will take it but that’s how i look at it. See in terms of google adsense somebody has to search for something in order for adsense to target that individual but understand when people use search engines there private information doesn’t go along with the search. This is where you have to be delicate and this also the one area myspace already has figured out. When people start feeling like they’ve singled out and there private information is involved, oh boy!, you better watch out.

So in my view will Facebook replace Google?

I highly doubt it but they may however give google a good run for a few years in the end all it takes is another smart group of people to compete for FaceBooks position in social media and that Facebook problem goes away. Twitter came close and actually we can’t even count Twitter out yet. FaceBook if they do some smart moves will be around a longtime but the FaceBook and privacy is going to be a huge problem in the future. Anyway we will see.