Fake Full Employment Numbers and The Federal Reserve: Will Jerome Powell call out the phony employment numbers to save himself from being blamed for the Recession? – August 7, 2022,

Nobody forced Jerme Powell to become chairmen of the Federal Reserve, but there’s an obvious problem approaching that was caused by Joe Biden, that his administration is and the media are likely to seek out a scapegoat for. INFLATION in prices has been happening for quite sometime now, but because inflation in prices prior to Joe Biden was mostly happening in the asset side, the Federal Reserve could ignore asset price inflation, because asset price inflation produces the type of inflation that helps the PRIVATE SECTOR, namely private sector banks to increase the money supply.

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But Joe Bidens war on fossil fuels as created the worst type of inflation, which is CONSUMER PRICE INFLATION. Consumer price inflation is DELATIONARY for the economy,  meaning that it will CONSUMER inflated asset prices as the market rediscovers prices. Because consumer price inflation revolves around Joe Bidens war on fossil fuels, and Jerome Powell can’t get involved in politics, in order for Powell to deflect blame from raising rates on Washington spending, he’s going to have to point to some sort of government data that justifies rate hikes.


Oddly enough, the stupidity of Joe Biden has tried to redefine recession, which actually allows Jerome Powell to raise interest rates, because after all if the economy is great and consumer price inflation is running rampant, to combat this, Jerome Powell is raising rates? But let’s say the Democrats attempt to redefine recession from a different point of view, we all know the employment numbers are phony, but Biden’s administration wants to claim they’re legit?

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This gives Powell the option to claim there is no recession, there’s full employment and inflation is still a problem so let’s keep raising those interest rates. Or will Jerome Powell call out the phony job numbers and pause rate hikes and actually start lowering interest rates again? Do you see the dilemma? If Powell continues to raise rates, ofcourse, companies and individuals are going to start going bankrupt, and I’m sure the Federal Reserve sees this, but Joe Biden, whether intentionally or unintentionally, is giving Jerome Powell all the cover he needs.

The real question to ask is if Jerome Powell can handle the pressure mostly coming from the right-wing media, which for the most part, has been covering what’s REALLY happening in America. The data points to the Fed lowering rates, and the Bond Market is predicting this, but Joe Biden and his lying biased media is covering for the Federal Reserve to continue raising rates.

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This is a very weird point in history, and quite frankly, I don’t know what the Federal Reserve is going to do. I have stated repeatedly that I believe rates are going up, and we’re going to see a lot of bankruptcies; why? Because the government is TOO BIG, there are too many malinvestments in the economy that all stem from Zero Percent Interest Rate Policy(ZERP) which means that ZERP doesn’t WORK.

The point of ZERP was to TRICK the private sector into stimulating growth, but the Democrats saw ZERP  as a means to grow the size and influence of the government on the economy. I’m pretty sure all central banks have noticed the relationship between ZERP and the rise in Left Wing radicalisation ideas in government, but that doesn’t mean that Central Banks can stomach putting an end to this madness.

Because Joe Biden has made words like recession subjective, Powell can respond to Joe Biden in kind and keep raising rates, based on the data. If I were Powell, I’d only stop raising rates when Joe Biden admits there’s a recession!

Interesting times ahead!