The Face of Canadian Racism Justin Trudeau can not remember how many times he wore blackface

The Face of Canadian Racism Justin Trudeau can not remember how many times he wore blackface

Will The Far-Left Wing Racists In The Green Party Prevent The First Jewish Black Canadian Party Leader ‘Annamie Paul’ From Winning Toronto Centre? – August 18, 2021,

When you’re the beneficiary of the Welfare State, the overt racist tendencies of particular individuals will for the sake of “THE GREATER GOOD” get swept under the rug. That’s the Toronto Left in a nutshell, do what we say not as we do when we’re called out on our hypocrisy change the subject.

There’s a reason why Justin Trudeau’s blackface scandal, didn’t change the voting patterns of visual minorities. If you’re a tax cheat who gets more out of the Canadian government than you contribute with your labor or your taxes, you’d not only vote to have your freedom of Speech monitored, you may also vote for Hitler himself without even realizing it.

The Germans were BROKE, and the National Socialist Workers Party led by Hitler promised the people Government Welfare at the expense of Jews as well as other productive Germans. LAZINESS is economic bigotry and it creates all sorts of monsters who typically show their true colors when their leader doesn’t conform to the ideology of the mob that a particular group of people must be destroyed.

Success breeds contempt and there two cultures that collectively have found a lot of success in the Western World, the Chinese and The Jews, via their rich cultures, both the Chinese and The Jews tend to do very well economically, primarily because many of these people study extremely hard and therefore in a more freedom-based society that is supposed to reward HARDWORK they tend to find a lot of economic success.

Nothing infuriates Socialists more than successful people when I was going to school, Chinese and Asian students were the majority in Toronto libraries, is it any surprise that many of those Asians are success stories today?

A lot of Jewish people are extremely hardworking and on top of that, they observe the Sabbath day, which can often be a period in which many of them will use the time to commune or study the word of God, so it’s no surprise to me as to why Jewish people collectively are economically successful.

But if you’re a conspiracy theorist as many on the Far Left are, the success of Jews or Isreal is something ‘mystical’ the Jews are successful according to many on the Far Left because of mystical powers that they’ve managed to conjure up?

I attribute the stupidity of people on the Far-Left to their inferior IQ, there’s no getting around it. With that said, I was impressed by Annamie Paul when she stood up to the racists in her party. MP Jenica Atwin left the federal Green Party to sit with the Liberals?

Jenica Atwin is First Nations and I assume what happened to Jody Wilson-Raybould and how badly Justin Trudeau treated her had zero effect on her decision to join what many Canadians and people around the world regard as a racist Prime Minister.

As I like to point out Justin Trudeau is all the Liberals have, if Jagmeet Singh and Annamie Paul run a decent campaign, the liberal reign is over. Justin Trudeau losing the 2021 election sounds ridiculous as of today’s date, but the Liberals didn’t win the popular vote in the 2019 election and they probably won’t win it in this election, Justin Trudeau is Prime mInister because the Liberals are very strategic, they pick their spots.

One of those spots is Toronto Centre, Annamie Paul had a pretty good showing in Toronto Centre and from my vantage point she is a serious threat to the Liberal Party, the Liberals to date still have a hard time taking B.C back from the NDP. and truth be told until Justin “TRUDEAU” came along the liberal Party was dying.

Steven Guilbeault Canadians to speak and write in a manner acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada

Steven Guilbeault Canadians to speak and write in a manner acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada

Although I did not agree with his politics, I liked the late Jack Layton and as a Canadian, I felt a sense of pride when Jack Layton destroyed Michael Ignatieff. Justin Trudeau to me is Michael Ignatieff with a pretty face, the same smug arrogance that you’ll observe with Michael Ignatieff exists with Justin Trudeau and it made me feel good when Canadians sent the Liberals a very clear message, that we’re not property.

Will Annamie Paul be successful in Toronto Centre? I’m not sure, but I’d feel really good if she was, I don’t want all of Canada to sound like Liberals, I’m currently very embarrassed by the man reading my country, to date I still speak fondly of Paul Martin, I like the guy, sure he was a corrupt Liberal, but I liked the guy, I don’t have to agree with a Canadian politician to like them. I thought Annamie Paul was very Brave standing up to the racists in the Green Party and I wish her well! in the 2021 election.

Annamie Paul’s Greens can turn page on party turmoil with a few more seats, analysts say |

Interesting times ahead!