Fast Help With Adwords

Some quick advice when starting out with Adwords from me to you is to first understand adwords. Google Adwords unlike many other ad networks has embraced in my opinion the smart way to do business online. Google has taken on the long term approach to marketing to it’s customers. I personally hope they stick to this and don’t sell out to major corporations like most websites and businesses in general do.

Understanding how Google Adwords works from 7 year User

Google adwords wants to link customers to products based on their search criteria. If someone searches for ‘Ivory Soap’ in the search engine google wants to have the right google adwords in place to match with the customers search. Without getting into specific details this is how you have to look at google adwords.

Understanding google from an Affiliate Marketing standpoint

If you are an affiliate marketer like I am you must understand the difference between google and other ad networks. Other ad networks care nothing for the customer so if you are selling a scam type product stay away from google adwords. By scam type product i mean trials or products that don’t deliver on what they promise on their sales pages. Google is in this for the long haul and they pride themselves on being the best search engine for users.

So as a affiliate marketer you must realize this. I know many of you affiliate marketers are under the spell of many of these so called guru’s who are only giving you half the story but you must understand what google is, and what google is trying to accomplish. You might have heard about the google slap. These things we’re mainly cause by affiliates selling scammy products. Understand Google wants to grow and wants to be the best search engine period, in order for them to this they need consumer trust.

Most adwords type sites tend to do things differently, most ad networks only care about their advertiser dollars. That being said from my view & in my opinion Google adwords is built more for a small business professional. Or a person selling a specific product to a specific market.

Internet Marketing with Google Adwords

Personally i use google adwords for my online and offline businesses. I have found my greatest results from this method. It’s allot easier for me to target my audience and also allot easier for me talk to my customers whether it be on a sales page or over the phone. If you are using this method or even if you are using the affiliate marketing method you’ve actually chosen the right time in my opinion to get into pay per click marketing with google adwords.


because no google adwords has phone support. I was wondering what was taking google so long to get this because msn Adcenter has had this feature for years none the less you can now call google yourself before setting up your campaign(s) the phone number is below. remember to maximize earning potential choose your keywords wise. Choose the keyword that would best describe what you customer would type when he or she is ready to do the action you want them to do. That’s basically how i make money from adwords in a nut shell. Adwords phone number below.

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