FederalJobBureau.com Scam


I received an email today asking me about this website called FederalJobBureau.com the person asked me if any of their recommendations were any good. To answer this question in my opinion NO! None of their current recommendations are any good. This is just my personal opinion I have investigated many of their recommendations in the past and have found them to be useless.

Is There any Value in FederalJobBureau.com?

Maybe a newbie might find some value in them, admittedly getting scammed is how I learned how to make money online. Getting scammed showed me what to look out for and also how to properly read and analyze sales pages. Unfortunately this took me over 10 years to accomplish. So it’s easy for me to understand how many of you get fooled by many of these fake review sites and many of these well written well designed sales pages.

Why I don’t like FederalJobBureau.com

What I don’t like about FederalJobBureau.com is the fact they use the word “federal” which makes them sound like government official so I guess when a newbie sees this they will easily fall prey to their recommendations. None the less my best advice is to be careful read and research. If you would like to learn how you can work from home and make money online for free click the link below.

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