Justin Trudeau can not remember how many times he wore blackface

Justin Trudeau can not remember how many times he wore blackface

Feminist Justin Trudeau Makes himself Clear if Women Can’t Abort their unwanted babies ASAP any money for BANKRUPT New Brunswick – July 27, 2021,

Leftists speak goes something like this, “well if women can’t abort those unwanted babies they’ll put them in a dumpster or use a hanger and flush the baby down the toilet. Why should we put women through that when we have capable government doctors and nurses who can do the baby-killing for them in a safe secure environment?

Plus what about the women who were raped or abused, why should they have babies they don’t want? Getting into the specifics of each abortion case is too difficult, let’s just make abortion universal so women can kill their unwanted babies anytime they feel like it!”

Justin Trudeau flexing his feminist muscles telling those pathetic Right Wingers in the perpetual welfare province we all know and love as New Brunswick to give those women access to doctors willing to kill unwanted babies. New Brunswick better hurry up, because we all know Justin Trudeau loves to spend other people’s money.

One of the funniest things to read are Canadians bragging to Americans about how great our supposedly “Free” health care is. Well, Justin Trudeau just should those welfare-loving New Brunswick folk what Universal health care is all about. Do as Trudeau says, when Trudeau says it, you, know because in Democracy the mob writes the laws and morality become subjective, because hey, do you want these perfect women, to throw babies in dumpsters or drop off babies at doorsteps?

How dare you force a woman to have a baby she clearly doesn’t want? If New Brunswick has a problem with this, End the Welfare State? End your dependence on Western Canada? End transfer payments, if you’re unwilling to do this Prime Minister Black Face is well in his rights to bully your welfare-loving province around.

To those of you who don’t understand private health care, what Justin Trudeau is doing now, is the exact reason why people like me hate the Welfare State! The Welfare State pushes you closer and closer to authoritarianism. Anyway, I’m howling at the moon!

Trudeau says Ottawa withholding health-care transfers to N.B. over abortion access | ctvnews.ca