Fiat Money Entitlement Why I Will Never Support a Gold Standard in Canada: CERB Payback Currently 1.7 Million Canadians Have To Payback the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (Vote Buying) – April 7, 2022,

As of today’s date, Justin Trudeau will be the Prime Minister of Canada until 2025, his newly formed alliance with NDP leader Jagmeet Singh allows Justin Trudeau to govern as if he had a majority. What does this mean in the grand scheme of things, exactly? Within the context of this article, this means that Justin Trudeau can dangle CERB forgiveness over the heads of voters until 2025, who knows maybe Trudeau can launch another round of CERB?

To anyone who imagines a Gold will solve this stupidity, get your head of out of the clouds, you’re imagining a world that doesn’t exist. If there was a Gold Standard, based on the recent actions of Justin Trudeau, it’s likely the governemnt may have either debased the gold value in your Canadian dollars to pay for CERB, claiming it was for the greater good of Canada or they may have outright seized your Gold claimining that by having Gold you were being greedy.

In January 2022, there existed something called the “Freedom Convoy” because leftists don’t like the true meaning of Freedom, they’ve attempted to relabel the Freedom Convoy the “Canada convoy protest” lmao. This relabeling effort by Left Wingers should tell you everything you need to know about why I don’t support a GOVERNMENT Gold Standard.

This is what they do, this is what Big Governments have always done, they don’t want you to know the truth and they’re often justified in their actions, because a large chunk of individuals, who may indeed be BROKE or indebt will be open to having some external power do the stealing on their behalf, so for as long as this scam exists, why bother allowing real money into the system?

I say allow the idiots to play around with their funny money. As long as the fiat monetary system has confidence, I too will use and even hoard fiat dollars, the only difference between me and the common person is that I won’t be surprised when the Canadian dollar goes to zero, and hey if I’m lucky it won’t happen in my lifetime.

Currently Canadian dollars can buy Gold. I have the option to purchase Gold today. Now, yes I risk theft, etc. But in the end the Gold isn’t important, the important thing is financial education, the understanding that fractional reserve banking creates wealth and comprehending what REAL productivity looks like.

Western Nations have been plagued with people pushing for a welfare state, and once the welfare state exists, all people wanting to be in control of the welfare state will all have their own interpretation of what the welfare state should look like. Once you comprehend this, you must react in a manner that resonates with you. But the last thing you’ll want if there’s a welfare state is a Gold standard.

Imagine 1.7 million people had to pay back CERB under a Gold standard? Now, under a Gold standard we couldn’t have zero percent interest rates, because there’s a cost to get the Gold out of the ground.

Wait let me reframe that, sure interest rates could be artificially suppressed via the government under a Gold standard, but just don’t be surprised if there’s a great depression(LMAO). There was a lot of thought that went into the Federal Reserve central banking system, Canada actually did fairly well during the Great Depression in comparison to the United States, but even then interest rates weren’t as low for as long as they’ve been in modern times.

What’s often ignored are the freedoms that were lost during the Gold standard in the United States. Canada doesn’t have a constitution similar to the United States, so in the grand scheme of things, Canada is merely playing catch-up. But in America, FDR made owning Gold ILLEGAL!

In Canada, Justin Trudeau didn’t like the Freedom Convoy and in response went as far as to freeze the bank accounts of people he disagreed with? Now, imagine if this was Gold? Do you think this couldn’t happen under a Gold standard? If Canada did have a Gold standard, the news would also report the story differently, doing would also make light of the fact that maybe some of the organizers had requested to cash out of the Canadian dollar and requested Gold, which many in the media would argue should be seized.

There are ofcourse Canadians who agree with Justin Trudeau’s seizer of private property, thankfully it was only digital, sure this complicates the lives of the people who had their bank accounts frozen, but at the very least they can still operate using cash? If citizens could hurt the government by cashing out of their currencies, this puts the welfare state many cherish at risk. For people dependent on the welfare state, they will unleash their fury on you.

That’s how this works in case you don’t know. a Gold standard without financial education is not worth it. a Gold standard in this poorly constructed democracy is not worth it, in my opinion. I comprehend that many of you reading this, imagine that society can’t get any better than this, I disagree, and I believe we’re in the early stages of human development.

The best democracy I see on the planet in the modern era is Switzerland and we all know how flawed Swiss democracy is. I don’t think Swiss democracy is perfect, but it does put a lot of checks and balances on their Federal government. In Canada, look what Justin Trudeau has done, by merely pushing the boundaries, if we were on a Gold standard he would have bankrupted the nation, but Trudeau bankrupting Canada, doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t have supporters.

With CERB, a lot of Canadians don’t see it as a redistribution scheme, instead many Canadians felt ENTITLED to CERB and will feel justified if they don’t have to pay the money back. Why would anyone in their right mind want a Gold standard with people who think like this? No, no, no, a Gold standard is best implemented amongst PRIVATE citizens.

There already exists a Secessionist movement in the Canadian province of Quebec, if you ask me, this is the future of most democratic nations. Inevitably like-minded people are going to come together for their own secessionist movements. Left Wingers have already been practicing it. It’s mostly people on the Right who are reluctant to do it, why? Because the only Right-wing groups of substance don’t like big government.

A large chunk of people on the political Right, like Big Government, but they want the Welfare State to work for them, these people, these moderates, will likely be the individuals who push back against secessionist movements and once you see the writing on the wall, it’s best that you allow things to play out. Because the variables are unknown, when people see their welfare state under attack, they react, and for someone like me, I’d rather they react under a Fiat monetary system.

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Interesting times ahead!