The Fight To Raise Interest Rates and Shrink Government: Liberal Policies Forcing Women in Canada To Work More and Earn Less Money – Workplace resignation on the rise in Canada – May 16, 2021,

Although a lot of chauvinistic men like to complain that women are the root cause of the destruction of Western society, the actual destruction of society begins with LIBERAL MEN who at the time of the welfare State construction banned women from the workforce. In Western society, not only do we have minimum wages, but we also have social security, income taxes, sales, taxes, tariff taxes, wealth taxes, estate taxes, excise taxes, and regulatory laws that benefit establishment wealthy companies.

Now, when women entered into the workforce a lot of these regulations had already existed via Liberal Men who followed Karl Marx and felt that the State should force the private sector to pay them a livable wage, even though the option for them to quit their industrial job and return to the farms was there, these spoiled snowflake liberal men at the time imagined themselves to be tough guys who could bully the rich capitalists. These male Liberal idiot snowflakes forgot the Western World was built on the freedom of choice.

Once Woodrow Wilson created the Federal Reserve and Franklin D. Roosevelt created “The New Deal”, the Welfare State was born. Women tend to prefer security over freedom and Liberal men had now built the foundations of the Welfare State in which if women entered in droves the male-dominated workforce would eventually provide for the worker’s security women desired.

The problem with the Welfare State in western Society is that it’s a form of Socialism and Socialism as many people know predates Karl Marx and had never worked, in fact, Socialism led to not only the writing of the Communist Manifesto which killed millions of people and indebted every nation that consumed it, it also led to the rise of The Nazi Party, officially the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

Now for the life of me, I still don’t understand how Nazism got stuck with the label “Right Wing” when White Supremacy is socialism for Whites Only but Liberals have always been masters of wordplay. Nazis BURNED BOOKS that disagreed with their ideology, Nazis HATED the free market and capitalism, and indiviudalism. Some white men like to date outside their race? Nazis would kill these white men, because socialism is a political ideology, and socialists collectively are supposed to sick together in their tribe. The Nazi party was actually a labour union party that promised White men an above-market wage and above-market earning potential if they bought into the Nazi form of socialism.

Most of the recent Wars were created by Socialism and Communism, and from an economic standpoint socialism and communists have caused a lot of MALINVESTMENT which has led to the rise in prices. By now, humans were supposed to have flying cars, the reason why more humans don’t have flying cars in the modern era is because of government regulations.

Touch screens as an example have been around for decades, digital cameras had been around for decades, a lot of the modern inventions we enjoy today were around a long time ago, but these products couldn’t come to market because the prior socialists were hell-bent on raising the cost of living. electric cars are nothing new, they’ve been around for hundreds of years.

Some say it’s because oil was better, this is a lie, electric cars didn’t make it market because of the cost prior governments via regulations were picking winners and losers. The grid system we enjoy today, if people had the option to use Direct current instead of alternating current, we’d be way ahead in battery technology by now. The government wanted the grid CENTRALIZED and the centralized grid didn’t benefit electric cars. Even today if people want electric cars to replace all the gas powered on the road, we have to change the grid.

I bring this up because when governments pick winners and losers all sorts of economic distortions are created, regulations tend to lead to centralization and power concentrated in a few hands, all it takes is for one idiot to become the leader of the western world for the house of cards to fall.

As the story points out below, because of the free cash giveaways via the Canadian and U.S federal governments a lot of people don’t want to return to the workforce and quite frankly I don’t blame them, because women should only be in the workforce if they can produce more than they consume.

Liberal Men created a giant welfare state that many of them assumed men would be the beneficiary of, well these stupid Liberal Men never anticipated women coming into the workforce in record numbers. If there’s a government benefit available, women will use it, men won’t use it as much, most SOCIALIST men only wanted the social security and minimum wage law.

Well once women got into government, women started to demand more, like maternity leave and other additional workers’ rights that tend to benefit only women. Women, in general, exercise their right to take advantage of all forms of government welfare on the books and CERB in Canada and whatever they call it America has women now imagining a world with Universal Basic Income.

The problem is that married women of the past already had a Universal Basic Income called a working husband. Women’s new husband is now the State and what a lot of Canadian men and women do not understand is that the State is ALREADY bankrupt, and not only is the State bankrupt the State has almost made it impossible for men to be productive. Canada can’t even finance servicing its debt with taxes now.

Productive men bring down the cost of living, which allows married WESTERN women or women with a cashflow positive husband to enjoy a life of luxury. Liberal men or Democrat men want to keep up with the Jones so these men run to the government to make their value in the marketplace higher than it otherwise would be.

Technology has actually lowered the cost of living, as an example if it weren’t for the government, real estate agents would be replaced by digital software, the taxicab industry had to run to the government to stop ridesharing from destroying their business model, public sector teachers would be out of work if taxpayers weren’t forced to pay them an above-market wage.

If it weren’t for the government Canada, Canada would be energy self-sufficient, meaning food prices, home prices, rent prices, lease prices every price you can think of would be lower had it not been for socialists ARTIFICIALLY raising the cost of living. Now, some will say well regulations make society better? I argue how? There are a lot of charitable people now, do you not think people would not voluntarily pay money to monitor our water and air quality? or adopt a cashflow-producing highway? I sure as hell would. My standard of living is dependent on other Canadians. Now I get it that some Canadians are too stupid to comprehend that productivity grants us our standard of living, but I’m not that dumb.

More Canadians with capital and in business equate to a higher IQ population with a country worth fighting for. Anyway, that was my rant today, because of an article I read which revolved around a workplace resignation boom. The reason people are resigning from their jobs is that their COST OF LIVING has gone down now that they’re staying home. it’s really not complicated, a free society is incentive-based, if you’re not incentivized to work for money, most people won’t!

Unfortunately for Canada, we are headed for an economic crash that will most likely be covered up with economic distortions, meaning sure Canadians might get a UBI but that UBI is going to be WORTH-LESS than they think it is! If you’re exiting the workforce and you’re government-dependent be warned, once interest rates are forced up or even forced down the economy you know today won’t exist tomorrow. Universal Basic Income is nothing new, it’s simply Federal Government Welfare and whenever Federal governments do this, the quality of life of society starts to crumble, because no working person wants to be a slave to a bunch of PEOPLE who don’t work!

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Interesting times ahead!