Trudeau takes a knee at anti-racism protest on Parliament Hill

Trudeau takes a knee at anti-racism protest on Parliament Hill

Finally, My Concern was Addressed: Ottawa police had a plan and tow trucks ready to roll a day before the Emergencies Act was invoked, BUT… – October 26, 2022,



Finally, here we are; for myself, this is the meat of my concerns; the evidence clearly suggests Justin Trudeau OVER-REACACTED, looking to score political points and put a SWIFT end to the protest that was clearly an embarrassment for him. If I’m being honest, I don’t like talking, let alone NEGOTIATING with people I disagree with ideologically; with that said, I’m smart enough to know NOT to get into politics.

As Premier Doug Ford clearly knows, being in politics includes making some UNPOPULAR decisions in order to create some HARMONY. Ontario Premier Doug Ford, similar to myself, is surrounded by a lot of WOMEN. When you’re a man surrounded by a lot of women, you LEARN the skill of compromise; you’re forced to ANTICIPATE what’s likely to happen if you do “A, B or C.”

It’s one of the reasons why Doug Ford, in my opinion, makes some decisions that most Conservatives have a hard time comprehending. Justin Trudeau on the flip side has a CHILDISH nature about him; he’s rebellious; it’s why some people in Canada love him so much, and he’s frequently taking RISKS with taxpayers’ money and taxpayers’ RESOURCES.

It’s pretty clear at this point that Justin Trudeau BROKE THE LAW, there is no reason for any public servant to risk everything to save Trudeau’s political career, and that’s what’s happening right with these Emergencies Act inquiries; the evidence continues to pile up that the Emergencies Act was NOT necessary. Now, we can focus on the MONEY, or the bank freeze, which I’ve argued in prior posts was done MALICIOUSLY.

Because both Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland grew up PRIVILEGED AND both, if we’re to be honest, have led very lackluster lives based on the resources given to them vi their parents, it’s fair to say that neither Chrystia Freeland nor Justin Trudeau fully COMPREHEND how hard the average Canadian works to make a living, which is why in their minds, freezing bank accounts to PREVENT another freedom convoy from emerging wasn’t that big a deal.

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As the evidence piles up I argue neither Chrystia Freeland nor Justin Trudeau comprehended the GRAVITY of freezing bank accounts. For them, their actions appear to show individuals who think their job is all about POLITICS. What I mean by this is that let’s say I’m a Liberal and you’re a Conservative, most politicians, Doug Ford being the perfect example, will ATTEMPT to unite the two sides and come to a compromise, but you see if you’re IMMATURE, that’s not how your brain is wired.

When you’re immature, your ADULT brain is wired to WIN, in sports, the Wayne Gretzkys and the Micheal Jordans are PRAISED in the PRIVATE SECTOR for having a WIN BY ANY MEANS ATTITUDE, but that’s not what POLITICS is supposed to be about, politics is SUPPOSED to find common ground to UNITE people and the goal of Justin Trudeau’s Liberals appears to revolve around WINNING by any cost.

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All well and good, but what Trudeau did was clearly ILLEGAL! And What Justin Trudeau has done is, he put the courts in a VERY, VERY bad position because criminally charging a sitting Prime Minister? What does that even look like? How do we move forward in doing this, it’s hard for Canadians to even IMAGINE a Conservative politician being in the same position, as many people know Conservatives tend to use the LAW to their advantage, and as this case unravels, the LAW was on Trudeau’s side WITHOUT invoking the emergencies Act, all he had to do was be patient.

Now, what we’re left with is the SENSATIONALIZATION of the BANK FREEZES, in which anyone can “INSERT OPINION HERE” as to why Trudeau thought it was necessary because clearly there wasn’t a TERRORIST threat, the MUNICIPAL police were ready and prepared to tow the trucks, now sure the MUNICIPAL process would have been SLOWER, than the Emergencies Act invocation, but that’s our system. Some murderers get to stay at home for years before being criminally charged with murder, sure it’s ANNOYING and painful if you’re a victim, but that’s our system.

Okay, so here’s what people are missing in all of this, THE LAWSUITS; as this case unravels, even if Trudeau saves his ASS personally, there are all sorts of grounds for LAWSUITS, and all I can say is WOW! This is so bad, and what I can imagine already happening are QUIET settlements because honestly, this is SO BAD. If you’re not following me here, the task Justin Trudeau left the courts with is to give him a get-out-of-jail-free card when the evidence clearly shows Justin Trudeau broke the law.


Ottawa police had a plan and tow trucks ready to roll day before Emergencies Act invoked |

Interesting times ahead!