The Flaw in Universal Healthcare: The Saskatchewan Union of Nurses calls for a temporary slowdown of services, Premier Moe announces mandatory masking and vaccine passports – September 16, 2021,

As an Ontarian, I don’t know too much of what’s happening in Saskatchewan, but if their health care system is stressed, chances are Premier Moe is going to behave like a tyrant, because there’s no market in Canada’s universal health care system.

As an example, if there was a health care market, choices people make would have financial consequences, but because there are no health care markets, there’s no incentive for anyone to behave in a manner that caters to the customer. When you don’t have a market for something, everything is reliant on government leadership.

Nurses union calls for temporary slowdown of services in Sask. hospitals |

Even though per capita almost every U.S State has a higher pandemic virus death count than Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan and other provincial premiers of Canada appear beholden to special interest groups, namely the labor unions.

Similar to the public sector teacher’s unions, because Canada has universal health care, the labor unions have more power than the customers. There are serious economic consequences for everything that’s happening in Canada right now, so buckle up Canada, vaccine passports are an additional regulation/cost of doing business on the economy, so if you think the prices are high now, don’t be surprised when they’re higher later.

Sask. Premier Moe announces mandatory masking and proof of vaccination policies |

Interesting times ahead