Ford reverses course on Greenbelt development – May 1, 2018

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Kudos to Doug Ford on reversing course, I’m glad you had the balls to do what you did, and yes we know it will be used against you in the polls and by the Liberals. Here’s the thing that scares me about Doug Ford is that I wonder if you see what’s coming? Are you aware of where the disaster is coming from? In your position Mr. Ford what I recommend you do is keep your message short, don’t make any promises and give vague responses to as many questions thrown your way as possible. The Ontario Liberals have created a massive disaster, there’s a good chance the crash will happen on your watch and quite frankly Doug Ford I would run my campaign explaining to voters that’s there’s a good chance the Ontario economy might get worse before it gets better.

If you tell Ontario voters that things may get worse before they get better, Ontario voters will be prepared for and expect the Ontario economy to crash. People keep acting like the Canadian economy crashing will be a bad thing, it’s actually not it’s a only a bad thing if you’re dependent on debt for your survival, as much as I hate to say this a crash isn’t even bad for people on welfare, a crash in Canada is going to be hardest hit on people that are swimming in debt, everybody else might actually see a decrease in prices.

Now what I explained is what would happen under a conservative leader who basically does NOTHING when a crash occurs. If Liberals are in charge of Canada, Ontario and majority of provinces, chances are they will do something which in my view will lead to inflation. Now what I’m saying to Ford is not to do nothing but, this coming crash which could end up being a collapse will give Ford the opportunity to cut unnecessary regulations which in turn can assist him in building his own legacy.

The reason why I recommend Ford not `align himself with regulatory bodies like OREA(Ontario Real Estate Association) is because they’re objective is to assure investors that their investment don’t lose value and they’re going to push for these rules on a Federal level. I personally don’t have a problem with any group lobbying for what they want, my point is if you align with them it’s going to put constraints on what you can do. Jim Flaherty in my opinion ran into the same problems in regards to dealing with lower interest rates.

Prior to Poloz there was Carney and there was a lot of pressure from the real estate community to allow the already subsidized real estate market to be left to the private sector, the moment Poloz showed up, under Stephen Harper (by the way), the Canadian real estate market ballooned out of control. Think of it this way, even with all the government subsidiaries there are still regions in Canada not experiencing a housing boom and the reason for this is that they want the money concentrated in areas where there’s most investment, so they can dictate government policies as they see fit. If the Toronto housing market crashes, they’ll be calls for a bail out, there will be condo developers, real estate people etc. that will say the government has to do something, because such and such will happen if they don’t. This is why it’s better a conservative with some balls be in there rather than a compromised Liberal.

Being that Poloz to me is the worst BoC governor of all time he’s already been checkmated by the Real estate sector, the only thing left for these people is to be assured that they’ll be bailed out when the crash occurs, this is why they’re pushing for more housing, built by the private sector. I say no, let it crash now, let the financial problems show themselves now. The problem is so bad that even the CBC was forced to do this documentary (The Condo Game) which you can view by clicking the link below:

DOC ZONE -The Condo Game

It’s abundantly obvious to anyone studying what’s happening in Toronto that there’s a massive crash coming, especially in the condo market. I need people to understand there’s already an elevator repairman shortage, people forget elevator repair men have to know engineering, and then you’ll want to ask yourself the question what engineer is going to want to fix elevators for a living? It takes minimum 4 years to be an engineer, if you’re a mechanics or software engineer you demand at least $120K per year once you become competent at your job, a lot of these condos are 40 story condos and they’re already leaking from the windows, 5 years into them being built. T

Even if for argument’s sake you want to say the detached and semi-detached housing markets are fundamentally strong, the realities surrounding the condo market are extremely different, so I say to you Doug Ford don’t get in bed with any of these people, give everyone vague responses, make no promises and tell Ontarians that there is a good chance that that because of the policies of Wynne and others that the Ontario market may go through a transition, a correction or a crash. You can get your PR people to tidy up the wording but don’t make any promises except of cutting taxes.

Now my cause for concern regarding Doug Ford is I hope and pray he’s educated in business world, because the business world has become accustomed to Ontario and Canada as a whole opting to sell itself out. The problem with socialist teachers in schools is that a lot of times they’re oblivious to capitalism, they’re oblivious to costs. In Alberta, Albertans have been taught to dig oil out of the ground and sell it to the highest bidder. In America sometimes the same company that dug the oil out of the ground has a purpose for that oil in the retail sector. I hope Doug Ford can see the larger picture because if he can’t he’s going to inadvertently put himself in a bunch of bad situations. I was personally surprised that he would even consider aligning himself OREA, that was my cause for concern. With that said

Interesting times ahead