Is Foreign Ladies a Scam?

Finding a Foreign wife can be expensive, so in my opinion if you are going to go in this direction it makes much more sense to choose the best company. Now although I will admit has the best looking website I’ve seen online, being that I find their website very easy to use. I would have to also say that I don’t recommend them when it comes to their services.

The one thing you might enjoy about is that ladies contact you. Personally I’m not sure if this process is automated or not and by that I mean when I signed up I wondered if these women were really contacting me or if it was all done automatically to make me use their pay to contact ladies feature.

Foreign Ladies Dating

I say this because I’ve signed up for other dating websites in the past were as a free member I had all these supposed beautiful women contacting me, wanting to hook up and as soon as I upgraded my membership or paid to contact these lovely ladies back they all “magically” disappeared.

So as a test on I ask these lovely ladies to please address me by my first name if they will be contacting me. To this day I haven’t received a single email from a single lady that will address me by my first, last or username name. Another thing I’ve noticed is that all the girls I winked at didn’t reply back. That could be that they are simply not interested but I winked at a lot of women so I found that a bit strange.

Foreign Ladies Compared to a Foreign Affair

One main thing that makes me not like is I can’t see many testimonials of their service, I’m sure they might have some but compared to A Foreign Affair it’s not that much.

A Foreign Affair from my perspective has a lot more profiles and shows a lot more proof of their services they even have a live show every Thursdays. I know for a fact A Foreign Affair is a legit company and the way their process is done is way better for a person like me. I have already booked my first trip and I have been in contact with quite a few ladies from the Ukraine, South America and the Philippines they are all great and beautiful ladies, very nice and most important marriage minded.

A Foreign Affair seems to know this business inside and out, I am platinum member and it’s a much better feeling for me finding women that are serious about becoming married. Many of the woman I’ve spoken to through A Foreign Affair are ready to make that commitment and truly want to know more about me, I don’t feel rushed and for once I feel like I am on a leveled playing field.  A Foreign Affair also makes no guarantees but they have clear recommendations in place to assure you receive the best chances to find happiness. At the end of the day for me that’s all that matters whenever I use a dating service.

Foreign Ladies Conclusion

Personally doesn’t have enough services in place for me and also of their services appear to be a bit suspect. I personally don’t recommend them. But don’t let my opinion stop you from trying their services.

From my perspective I found A Foreign Affair to be a much better option. With A Foreign Affair they have nothing to hide. Also they have live shows lots more profiles with videos and they also have a lot more ladies. I can also say that I really enjoy their platinum features which enables me to contact allot more ladies and also view more video’s. I also enjoy the fact that they A Foreign Affair is very honest and upfront and that they can be easily found and contacted. Furthermore the videos that Foreign ladies charges you to view can be seen for free at A Foreign Affair

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