Review – Is it a scam?

Forever Aloe Vera of is a company that combines wellness and wealth creation. The company has been existing for thirty (30) years now and is selling health and wellness products. It’s a well-known company for its MLM or multi-level marketing opportunity. Through, a person earns money from directly selling their products and recruiting more people  to become distributors as well.

More about Forever Living

The company, which has over 9.5 million distributors worldwide, is one of the many companies offering an MLM opportunity. MLM is perhaps one of the oldest independent business opportunities readily available to people. In this kind opportunity, a person earns money through direct sales and recruiting more people.

Forever Living claims to be different from other MLM opportunities as it doesn’t have membership fee. What’s more, it doesn’t demote members whenever you need some time off from selling. The company also provides its members with training materials, plan for success, and many more.

Final thoughts on

One of the considerations when getting into any MLM opportunity is the kind of product that the company has. Basically, it must be the kind of product that you like and willing to promote to people. Besides, much of your income will come from direct sales. Your passion to the products also reflect to the way you deal with your customers.

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