Former Canadian MP John Reynolds claims if Pierre Poilievre beats Jean Charest in the Leadership race, Justin Trudeau will call an early election? I assumed the opposite – July 18, 2022,


First and foremost, let’s be clear about something Former Canadian Member of Parliament John Reynolds is 80+ years old and, as one could imagine, has a bitter taste in his mouth when he imagines conservativism in Canada. Based on John Reynolds’s experience, I can see why he’d prefer Jean Charest over Pierre Poilievre, being that the Reform Party is no more.

The Reform Party was similar to what the People’s Party of Canada is today; what a lot of people tend to IGNORE about the Reform Party is that it FORCED the Liberal Party to come closer to the centre. The Liberals in the 1990s were all for AUSTERITY measures; why? Because the Reform Party had grown in size and influence in Canadian politics.

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The Reform Party changed the language in Canada, all of a sudden more Canadians were aware of what Pierre Trudeau did to the country, but this awareness didn’t stop the Liberal Party of Canada from winning in the 1990s. But for people who remember the 1990s, many of us blame Brian Mulroney for handing the Liberals an easy victory, more so than the Liberals taking it from him.

Brian Mulroney was SPINELESS, and the Liberals who have become the Political Party of the WELFARE STATE merely took advantage of the situation. Now, had the Reform Party stuck around in the way the NDP stuck around, whose to say Canada doesn’t have better today? The Internet has been very good to the Conservatives. Prior to the internet, the 4th estate had COMPLETE control over the political narratives in Canada.

One of the reasons that’s changing is that it’s harder for the media to push a LEFT-WINGER narrative when conservatives think tanks can push out FACTUAL data 24/7/365. One thing I will admit is that Justin Trudeau could win an early election, but you have to understand that his POPULARITY is not there; Trudeau has been winning elections based on STRATEGIC VOTING.

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No one will argue that both Andrew Scheer and Erin O’Toole were weak candidates, yet they beat Justin Trudeau in the POPULAR vote. Justin Trudeau ate Stephen Harper’s lunch in 2015; that race wasn’t even close; why? Well, as I like to point out, in 2015, I had friends who voted for Justin Trudeau for one reason ONLY, he promised to legalize Pot.

Andrew Scheer beat Justin Trudeau in terms of the popular vote rather easily, and Erin O’Toole, who ran a horrible campaign, also beat Trudeau in regards to the popular vote; this is all pre-EMERGENCIES ACT, by the way, when some Canadians didn’t have the urgency to get rid of Justin Trudeau. Jean Charest could beat Justin Trudeau, but the reason why he’s NOT preferred by Conservative Party members is his stance regarding the Truckers.

Jean Charest, in my opinion, could be the best thing to happen to Maxime Bernier, as a lot of voters may vote for Charest with the sole intention to remove Trudeau but may IMMEDIATELY turn on him if he becomes Prime Minister. Pierre Poilievre, on the flip side, if he wins, could indeed change Canadian politics forever. I don’t know what Pierre Poilievre as Prime Minister looks like, but Pierre Poilievre has NOT abandoned the Quebec vote.

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I assume the thinking of John Reynolds is that Poilievre is too Conservative? But I think he’s ignoring how far Left Trudeau has gone and how expensive the cost of living is getting. I personally imagine Justin Trudeau supporters not showing up to vote for him. You can’t forget that Justin Trudeau has even fired government employees for not being vaccinated, and we’re now approaching a situation in which people who took The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) have to pay the money back?

Now sure, Justin Trudeau could forgive the CERB, but then he’s alienating people who paid it back, and he’s also going to stoak inflation fears. We’re reaching the point for Justin Trudeau in which there are more cons than pros to voting for the guy. Both Charest and Poilievre might win by default. What I don’t think John Reynolds is understanding is that mainstream media doesn’t have the power it once had.

Justin Trudeau had to BAIL out Canadian media, and for the most part, Trudeau has destroyed the family name. But could Trudeau call an early election if Pierre Poilievre wins the leadership race? Absolutely, but in my opinion, it’s more likely Trudeau calls an early election if Jean Charest wins the leadership race, and that’s what I found so interesting about the article I point to below.

There’s nothing about Pierre Poilievre that’s anti-Quebec or Anti Ontario? He’s actually running a very SAFE campaign, it doesn’t appear that way because he supports the trucker’s protest and took shots at the central banks, but most for moderate Canadians, these issues aren’t that important. Supply management is a SERIOUS voting Bloc, and Pierre Poilievre is on their side; also, IMMIGRATION, Pierre Poilievre is NOT for open borders; but he’s married to immigrant. Again, he’s running a safe campaign and appealing to average MODERN voters.

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Will Trudeau call an early election against Pierre Poilievre? Sure! But I don’t see much of anything radical about the Pierre Poilievre platform that will make Canadians say we’re not going vote for him? Whereas with Jean Charest, you risk him alienating a large chunk of traditional Conservative voters. Maybe I’m wrong? but I don’t see MODERATE or swing voters not voting for Pierre Poilievre

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Interesting times ahead!