Former Conservative leader Erin O’Toole After Getting Beat By Justin Trudeau For Being Too Out of Touch for Conservatives goes onto CBC’s The House to blame the Chinese Government for his INCOMPETENCE – June 19, 2022,

First and foremost I don’t know too many Conservatives who watch the CBC unless it’s Hockey Night in Canada, which by the way we don’t know the CBC to air. Anyway, Erin O’Toole went on the CBC to air his grievances as to why he lost an election I THOUGHT he should have won by DEFAULT. I even wrote posts on matters when everyone knew O’Toole was going to lose, I claimed he would win.

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I was right that Erin O’Toole won the POPULAR vote, I was off by a million for Erin O’Toole to become the next Prime Minister. O’Toole would have been better off doing what Joe Biden did to beat Trump. Although I thought the U.S 2020 election was fraudulent, the reason nobody was willing to fight for Trump was the IMMORALITY of the Trump administration.

When Covid-19 hit, one of the things Trump did was prop up Anthony Fauci, now a task, Rand Paul is stuck trying to fix, Donald Trump also engaged in vote-buying, sending Americans checks in the mail during the pandemic, in fact, Justin Trudeau was accused of not being as ‘generous’ with taxpayers money as Donald Trump was during the pandemic. Donald Trump also at one point PUBLICALLY attempted to shame Jerome Powell for raising interest rates.

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Observing Trump doing all of this really pissed me off, and there are people who are far more conservative than I am. When Trump did these things, whether he understood it or not, he was behaving like a DICTATOR in the minds of Conservatives which validated claims made by Left Wingers. With Erin O’Toole, he continues to misread the room, he’s not comfortable in his own skin and he’s not being true to himself

The video below is one of the many reasons Erin O’Toole lost to Trudeau, his gun ban, his position on guns, and his FAKE demeanor, this is why he lost. Did the Chinese Communist Party assist in his political downfall? Who cares! He was not going to win CONSERVING Justin Trudeau’s policies.

Erin O’Toole highlights plan on policing and gun control – September 5, 2021 | YouTube

He lost because he went too far to the centre and why should Left Wingers support a Conservative moving to centre when they can get the FULL Justin Trudeau experience? Left Wingers are coming to steal from you and this is one of the reasons why Left Wingers focus on non-substantive topics that appeal to people’s VIRTUES. As a Conservative, your focus is on the ECONOMY, FREEDOMS, AND LIBERTIES! I’m not even a believer in social conservatism, it’s not like the Conservatives are going to win every election, humans want change every once in a while.

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As a Conservative politician, you’re going to win some and lose some, but you don’t change your message simply because the other party won, ONE election with a majority. Let’s imagine Maxime Bernier beat Andrew Scheer for the election race and lost the general election, wouldn’t it have been the exact same thing as Andrew Scheer losing to Trudeau? The difference would be that the Conservative Party would still be the Conservative Party, instead of this centrist party that hasn’t made a DENT in taking votes from the Liberals.

Had the Conservatives remained Conservaite right now, Canadians would have fully comprehended the DIFFERENCES between the two parties, voters need contrasts and during this reign of corruption and terror by Justin Trudeau, you can clearly see the DIFFERENCES in ideologies and that’s fine, but people can’t be educated without CONTRASTS and Erin O’Toole and his campaign tried to out Trudeau, Trudeau and they LOST!

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It’s really that simple, and not only did Erin O’Toole lose, but it’s unlikely that even if there was election fraud, that much of any Conservatives would support Erin O’Toole in his bid to get to the bottom of what happened. In the U.S Donald Trump is still popular and most Americans WERE unwilling to put their lives on hold to get to the bottom of these election fraud claims.

Donald Trump on a percentage basis is still more popular to his base than Erin O’Toole is to his, and most Republican supporters are UNWILLING to back Trump on his election fraud claims. So for Erin O’Toole to pull this stunt, especially on CBC, a state broadcaster most Conservatives DO NOT watch shows you how out of touch Erin O’Toole STILL is when Conservative voters.

O’Toole claims Chinese interference in 2021 election flipped Tory ridings — but experts urge caution |

Interesting times ahead!