Former Conservative Party of Canada Leader Erin O’Toole says, “Fuck Trudeau” flags “are the very antithesis of what it means to be conservative,” – December 31, 2022,

When you’re being bullied and censored, do you wait for an Erin O’Toole type to win an election? Or do you exercise your freedom of speech and freedom of expression? Like it or not, Canada is a left-leaning country; what I mean by this is if the Liberals and The NDP were one Party, they’d be 50%+ of votes in Canada.

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This puts the Conservative Party in a position where they attempt to steal votes from the NDP and Liberals. If you are deep in the political arena, you’re no longer thinking about being a CONSERVATIVE politician. Instead, your obsession is to win elections, and if that means compromise, individuals like Erin O’Toole are willing to do that.


Now, before you hail current Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre as the next great thing, I remind you that Pierre Poilievre is pro-supply management. I say this because if O’Toole can appease the leftists, what’s wrong with Erin O’Toole taking things a step further? Once, as a politician, you’ve made the conscious decision to be immoral, who is to say, your subordinate can’t be more immoral?

I think Erin O’Toole wants to be the Prime Minister of Canada someday. To be fair to O’Toole, Justin Trudeau STRATEGICALLY picked on him by calling an early snap election in 2021 before Canadians got a chance to know the real Erin O’Toole. During the 2021 election, Erin O’Toole looked out of his element, and yet, O’Toole still managed to beat Trudeau for the popular vote.

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To me, that says a lot; with that said, a Pierre Poilievre-Justin Trudeau showdown should be exciting; most expect Poilievre to do better than Erin O’Toole, but will Poilievre do better than Andrew Scheer? Will Poilievre beat Trudeau? Currently, it looks like he could, but if it’s one thing I’ll give the Federal Liberals led by Trudeau credit for, they’ve managed to govern like a majority since 2015, even though the numbers suggest Justin Trudeau will likely be the longest reigning UNPOPULAR Prime Minister in Canadian history.

People are ‘hurting,’ Poilievre says as O’Toole slams ‘F Trudeau’ flags |

Interesting times ahead