‘Fred Youngs CBC OPINION | What’s the deal with Alberta?’ Reviewed – November 22, 2019,

Because CBC is publically funded, I would assume they’d have boots on the ground in Western Alberta, instead of waiting for Fred Youngs to write an opinion piece as to why he thinks some Albertans want to separate? What’ the point of a State broadcaster if they’re only going to tell one side of the story? That my dear friends is called brainwashing and this is what they do on a larger scale in countries like China.

When I was growing up, tough love was essential because of the adults of that era, new that we would-be leaders of the new world and had to be mentally prepared to lead. Well, many of the baby-boomer elites that give us new, have completely abandoned this motto and instead have a belief that some things are better unsaid, some arguments and some debates are simply better off left alone because we don’t want to offend or hurt anyone’s feelings. This, of course, has given rise to the snowflake generation who as we’re all are observing are extremely insecure and extremely sensitive.

Religion has this problem, in fact, many religious people still have this problem in which if you say something they don’t agree with, many will scurry away and hide or take the opposite approach and use violence against you. The separation of Church and State is extremely important to human development because it’s supposed to allow society to have conversations that were and still are barred from discussion in religious institutions.

The problem with the modern-day world is that the State is becoming what the Church used to be. The article below written by Fred Youngs is the prime example of the State treading lightly on issues, that deep down we all know the answers too. Economics as boring of a topic as it is, is an important one, once you get the mysticism out of society. People have a right to believe in anything they want, but once evidence shows that a particular action leads to a particular negative result over and over and over again, why can’t this issue be debated?

If a group of people as an example believe in Climate change, or if a group of people are climate change alarmist, that’s okay, they have right to feel the way they feel, however they under a democracy shouldn’t have the right to impose their beliefs on others. In Canada, not only are Eastern Canadians imposing their beliefs on Albertans, but we’re also asking Albertans to finance us (I live in Ontario)?

This isn’t right, and Western Canadians have been feeling this tyranny for a very long time. It’s not like Alberta is this bankrupt province that keeps saying one day this oil gig is going to work, no despite all of the economic hurdles the people of Alberta have faces, they’ve still practiced for the most part having a responsible government. I can’t speak for Albertans, however, if the separatism ever became a real thing in Alberta, I’d seriously consider moving to Alberta, as would most Canadians who understand what’s going on.

Why? Because Eastern Canada isn’t solvent, yes I get it, it’s more romantic to frame an article or to frame your arguments without including the economic conditions, however, most people who comprehend Individualism, Austrian economic theory and even the Monarchy we as Canadians fall under we tend not to change. Even if you sympathize with people who don’t believe in Capitalism, the moment you understand where real wealth comes from, you can’t fall for socialism or any form of collectivism ever again. This is, of course, why the CBC doesn’t want to give the situation in Alberta it’s much-needed coverage.

OPINION | How Alberta’s proposed ‘fair deal’ plan could cut separatism off at the knees | CBC

If we start talking about Alberta over and over again and people start to understand how demonic Pierre Trudeau was to Alberta and to Western Canada and the truth of how Liberalism hasn’t been all what’s been cracked up to be and how Canada was actually sabotaged in many ways either by politicians who were ignorant to what was happening or who was complicit in the poverty of millions of Canadians, it’s hard to simple side with the Leftist as most Eastern-Canadians do on every topic.

This is the fear of the mainstream media, the fear of debate, it’s consequences are devastating, they’ll lose complete control over the narrative and once economics takes it’s proper and equal space within any political discussion, voters become consciously aware of who and what they’re voting for, in fact, the entire way we vote in Canada might come into question. If you like the status quo the way it is, especially if you’re the CBC, you have to skew the argument.

The National Post has been the only news outlet I’ve seen pointing out the obvious, now, of course, they’re being ignored by the Leftist, but CBC as a State Broadcaster should be neutral, but they’re obviously not, because I you’ll read most of their articles, they seem to take pride in being ignorant to what’s happening to our country. Why not do more interviews, tell the history, let the truth reign? The answer is simple, they’ll lose the narrative, people who comprehend the individualism argument, seldom if ever change return to collectivist thought and this is what makes these types of people hard to brainwash!.

I brought up the Ken Boessenkool article OPINION | How Alberta’s proposed ‘fair deal’ plan could cut separatism off at the knees because that too is an opinion piece, you can see that the CBC is trying to frame Albertan separatism in manner that won’t allow it to spread, because unlike Quebec separation, which is almost comical when you get into what it would look like, Western separation has serious economic consequences.

The Canadian dollar will be under threat of collapse if Alberta decides to leave, sure we can frame this as all about the oil, but it’s actually all about the Policies, Albertans, Western Canadians per capita work a lot harder than the people in the east. You can’t simply wave a magic wand and replace Albertan labor and in the event, the Canadian dollar is no longer viewed by the world as a Petro-dollar, even in a service sector climate, eastern Canada still doesn’t fair well next to Western Canada.

Eastern Canada typically spends more than it makes, this is actually a policy discussion and this obviously brings up the topic of the Public Sector, I write extensively about the public sectors in Canada, I’m not for growing the public sector, but if people believe in a huge public sector than those people should be willing to finance it with their own labour. Canada’s Central Bank is a Crown Corporation(State-owned Enterprise) but similar to the CBC, and the CMHC serves a particular demographic. Currently, The CMHC and the BoC are protecting people in debt, I would argue the CBC is protecting people from the truth, this protectionism benefits a particular group and the people typically on the outside looking in are Alberta and Saskatchewan?

Is this fair, when they’re the Provinces generating the most revenue for the country, remember when people write about Canada’s fantastic standard of living, this would not be possible without Alberta and Saskatchewan. Western Canada makes all of Canada look good. They make us look like the cool country of the world, if Alberta stops making money, well, don’t be surprised when you provincial governments start telling you they don’t have any money or don’t be surprised when the Canadian dollar devalues and the price to import things into the country skyrockets. Because that’s the main problem with eastern Canada, it’s heavily reliant on imports because the regulations eastern Canadian provinces imposed on themselves aren’t reflective of their productive capacity.

Germany can afford to add particular socialist programs to their economy because they have a manufacturing base that generates a lot of revenue, where Canada has State-Owned Canada Post, Germany has publically traded DHL that’s known all over the world. Where Canada is losing its Car manufacturing, Germany is still a dominant player, now Germany ranks up there with Canada in terms of Profitability however if you were to replace Canada geographically with Germany we’d be a laughing stock of the world. The Canadian economy, namely the Eastern Canadian economy works primarily because we’re bordered with the United States.

Even New Zealand banned supply management, Canada has so many communist-style laws on the books and the only thing really saving us is our inefficiencies in government which allows us to manipulate our currency which helps Eastern Canada. Canada doesn’t work without Alberta or Western Canada, everybody knows it and if Canadians were to know the truth, it’s game over for the CBC. If you live in eastern Canada be thankful if, Alberta never realizes what it has going on for it.

In Argentina as an example, shrinking the size of Government is NO, NO, politicians in Argentina don’t even think about bringing up Austerity measures, in eastern Canada, things are very similar, Quebecers could never handle austerity measures, they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves. The Conservative Party of Canada openly supported Supply Management and Maxime Bernier was destroy during the Federal election by a relatively unknown politician in Quebec’s CONSERVATIVE Beauce region.

People can’t just one day wake up and become Austrian economic advocates, change s hard, facing the truth is difficult, if you believe that supply management or minimum wages or rent controls are a necessity for society, imagine if reality flips your socialist beliefs upside-down? In Latin America and in many parts of Europe, people out-right refuse to believe that Capitalism has anything to do with raising the standard of humanity. People will burn entire countries to the group before excepting Austrian economic principles.

This is the reality of the world and this is why the brainwashing of Canadians has to continue, because if particular issues of debate start going mainstream and the people who for individualism are allowed to speak, well all I can say is, look what Ron Paul has done for the Libertarian movement, it was minuscule until Ron Paul was given a platform during the U.S National debates. Now, even minorities are becoming openly Libertarian, this is a disaster for the establishment and they don’t want offshoots of Libertarians to spread throughout society because you can’t control people like us. We know our numbers! Anyway!

Consider reading the article below, not a lot of substance, but worth the read.

OPINION | What’s the deal with Alberta? | CBC

Interesting times ahead!