Free Paypal alternative

Paypal got you down? Personally I’ve been using Paypal for over 8 years and I’ve never had any problems or issues with them. That being said maybe I was just one of the lucky ones. I’ve read and heard some terrible stories about what Paypal has done to both merchants and buyers. When I first heard about this I didn’t want to believe it because I was using Paypal and I didn’t want the same thing happening to me honestly I’d like to believe that these negative stories I hear about Paypal are a result of people trying to scam Paypal but being that there are some many stories I find that story hard to believe.

Paypal Alternative 2011

In my personal opinion the best alternative to Paypal globally in 2011 is Payza. Yes I know about the others and yes I know some of them have lower fees based on your location. The problem I have some of the other companies is one location plays a big factor and two a lot of them are on the edge of bankruptcy or on the verge of being shut down because of illegal business practices. Before signing up with any of these companies it’s a good idea to do some independent research.

Final thoughts on Payza as a free alternative to Paypal

Payza in many ways is just like Paypal and the one thing I love about Payza is that they follow all the rules. Payza is located in Canada the can be reached during normal business hours by phone you can also contact them via email after business hours. Unfortunately at the time I’m writing this there BBB rating is being updated. Personally I’ve never had any issue with them and I’ve been using them for three years now.

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