How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website Fast

I’m not sure if many people are aware of this yet I’ve written about it before but did you know that traffic exchanges actually get your website listed in search engines fast. But not just any traffic exchange it has to be one of the bigger more established ones.

I won’t lie however there is a drawback but not a very noticeable one. The only way a person would notice is if they went to and did some research about the website and i mean who really would do that unless the person didn’t have a life. Major Traffic exchanges and get paid to websites help your website because of the weight they put on it all at once.

You see your website is measured by how many people are on it. If a lot of people are on it all at once the search engines bots all over read that as important. Even if your websites not setup correctly you’ll notice if run it through a traffic exchange it might get listed within 2 days mind you, you should also submit your website Google, Yahoo, and Bing manually but putting your website through the gantlet of traffic exchanges to be judged does help your website get indexed faster.

How to get web traffic to your site for $2

Traffic Exchange Drawbacks

The Draw is an obvious one once all that traffic leaves your decline begins unless of course you have a website that people are The Good news however is that your website will be shown in Google and yahoo. Bing on the other this method is very, very “iffy” this again goes to my theory of why Bing continues to be the third best search engine. People of Bing: if you don’t get it yet the reason why people like Google and yahoo is because they will list your website fast. Once you have an audience Google and yahoo want you in their search engine period. Bing on the other hand seem to think they are special in a way that they will list websites at their own convenience.

How to get web traffic to your site for $2

The Importance of Affiliate & Internet Marketers

Like us or not Affiliate Marketers are big parts of how people search the internet. What search engine name do the top affiliate marketers mention the most? Yup you don’t even have to think twice it’s “Google” why do they mention it the most because Google shows affiliate marketers love, there are thousands and thousands of affiliates that have gotten RICH just because of Google. Think about that now there are tens of thousands of people that work at home FULL TIME because of Google think about that. Now there are MILLIONS of people who build their websites around getting listed by Google REALLY THINK ABOUT THAT.

You have got to give when you’re a big corporation this is why Google is top right now and will continue to be. MSN seems to think that there name will change people’s opinion. It doesn’t work like that like them or not again affiliates and internet marketers dictate what search engine is the best search engine. Now sorry to change the topic a bot but that needed to be said.

How to get web traffic to your site for $2

More about Traffic Exchanges and what they can do for your website

Traffic exchanges are an excellent way to drive traffic to your website fast as well as get your website listed by Google yahoo and sometimes Bing. There are plenty of traffic exchanges out there but I only use a couple I do have a life and I do not spend much time surfing on these traffic exchanges I usually buy advertising, I’m also a very cheap guy when it comes to paid advertising on this traffic exchanges I’ve never spent more than $30.00 some deals I can’t pass up like there was one deal at a Planet traffic where i got 40,000 hits to my website for $25.00 the good thing about Planet Traffic is they have a lot of users from the U.S, Canada, U.K, and Australia.

I’ve found them to be an excellent source to get my website brand name out there for pennies. 1 thing if your website is supported by Google AdSense don’t use this service or any service like it to advertise your website. I’ve heard many horror stories about people having there AdSense shut down and they don’t know why, Majority of the time this is the reason why. Google doesn’t tolerate this in the slightest, so don’t do it. What you can do however is after you have a customer base from the traffic exchanges then you can add Google AdSense onto your website.

How to get web traffic to your site for $2

Why I don’t recommend Traffic Exchanges For Google Adsense

Also don’t use traffic exchanges to promote your affiliate websites unless your affiliate website is completely free or cost nothing more than $5 to join. I guarantee you it will be unsuccessful. Landing pages are king in traffic exchanges if you’re landing page works in a traffic exchange it will work in PPC (Pay per click) for sure. Reason is because users of traffic exchanges have seen it all and if you can convince them to give you there email you can convince anyone.

How to get web traffic to your site for $2

Now onto the Goodies

Ok enough of me blabbing there’s only two sources i recommend one is free the other is paid. First the free one of-course like everything else there’s a paid feature before you sign up however I recommend you also sign up for so you can track where your visitors are coming from. Don’t use traffic exchanges to phish or scam people you will get burned and if you live in a smaller country it may also hurt your country so don’t do it.


Easyhits4u is busiest traffic exchange on the internet hands down you can get 1000 hits to your website from easyhits4u in about 1.5 hrs. Maybe even faster there are other traffic exchanges but I don’t recommend wasting your time with small time traffic exchanges you want immediate results and easyhits4u delivers. Traffic Swarm is also a traffic exchange to consider

Traffic Swarm

Now for paid advertising I mentioned them above already Planet Traffic there’ when it comes to getting you traffic for cheap planet traffic delivers there are other services out there you can Google them but many of them will give you a lot of repeat visitors how do I know, I know by using services like the difference between and others is doesn’t put advertisements on re-directions and also does not block out affiliate networks just because of one phisher.

If you have any other good ones feel free to add them below.

How to get web traffic to your site for $2