Free Website Traffic Monitor

Do you have a website? if you do are you monitoring where the traffic is coming from. Do you know what page converts the best because if you don’t you are wasting Allot of time and allot of money. When i just started i actually paid to get this service. But now it’s free offered by google every single one of my websites uses Google Analytics. Ever since i started using it i honestly don’t know what i would do without it.

I can see the length of time a user is on my website the bounce rate which google adsense campaign is converting the best on what campaign i can track sales and most important i monitor my website traffic from every page of my website. You might not understand it until you actually use it but google analytics is one of my favorite tools and it’s absolutely free.

If you are seeking SEO expertise for you’re websites it’s a good idea to know which webpages are converting the best. Once you know this you know what page(s) to optimize. Search Engine Optimization only makes sense if it’s going to get you traffic and ultimately make you money. If it’s not doing either you are energetically spinning your wheels for nothing.

Using google analytics or any simular free website monitoring service will give you a birds eye view of what’s going on in your website and what is or is not converting well. As well as the length of time on average people are viewing your webpages. Also you will get a free daily web site traffic report. Showing you at the end of the day how your day went on your website.

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