If you are on a budget and you are looking for free autoresponder i guess this could be a good solution. I’m sure once you get to the website you get that spam feel being that there is so many pop ups and adverts all over the the website.

Being that FreeAutoBot is free i guess you don’t have much to lose financially the only thing that would bother me personally is having FreeAutoBot links going along with my emails. This might make your emails seem cheap when they are received by the recipient(s).  None the less nothing beats free.

Why most people don’t use self hosted autoresponder

The number one reason people don’t like using self hosted autoresponders is because of support related issues. If your autoresponder becomes faulty no one wants to have to wait on a forum to help fix the problem. Another thing is many free self hosted autoresponders don’t come with any for of support. Which means in times of crisis there’s no one to call on for help.

Although Free Auto bot is good solution consider using another free solution like listwire. Listwire is just as good and you can also make money using it. Its completely free to join i wouldn’t say its better than FreeAutobot but its just as good. I also think the design looks really good too, you can send plain text and html emails and there’s no limit to how big your list can get.

For More Information ob List Wire: Click Here