Freshology found at is a website that specializes on meal delivery service. This exclusive meal delivery service claims that it can help clients lose weight through its strictly controlled meals delivered every day of the week. Dieters are provided with 4 calorie-controlled and balanced meals to ensure that they are full and satisfied, reducing chances of overeating. Meals are delivered on hampers, ready to pop in the microwave whenever the dieter feels the need to.

More about Freshology

The meal delivery service of Freshology is different from the typical ones that you can find in the market for many reasons. One of these reasons is that their meals don’t appear or even taste like they’re diet food. In fact, Freshology has been consistent in providing consumers with meals that are of 5-star restaurant quality. Other factors that make its meal delivery service different from the rest is that it has different programs that cater to the unique needs of individuals and it offers expensive meal plans.

Dieters can choose form the 6 meal plans of Freshology. Five of these plans are available in Southern California only while the remaining plan, the National ‘Get Slim’ plan is available to all areas in USA. The different diet programs that members can choose from are the following: the Fresh Dining program on which meals are based on gourmet restaurant menu, Fresh Lite program that offers low-carb, low-cal, and low-GI traditional meals, Fresh Mommy program for pre- and post-natal mothers, Kids plan, Family plan, and the National ‘Get Slim’ plan.

Freshology doesn’t have a specific fitness plan but it does encourage its members to supplement their diet plan with regular exercise.

Final thoughts on

With the consistent positive reviews it gets from customers, there’s no doubt that Freshology offers one of the best meal delivery services in the country. There are a few downsides of the program though. One of these is its price which is really expensive compared to other meal delivery services and second, its lack of fitness program which can really be a great help to its consumers. But overall, it’s a good site for those looking for convenient ways to ¬†eat healthy meals.

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