FTC Is Moving In On Internet Marketers Must READ

One of my worst fears is now coming true. It could be a good thing for those people who DON’T READ but for a the honest people this is a very very very bad thing. Now i am NOT going to get into this too much because you can go look this up at the “Federal Trade Commission” for yourself. But my thing is keep government OUT of the internet. I don’t want them here unless its to protect our precious children from pedophiles and others.

This is part of the reason i started RichInwriters.com. The people most responsible for this in my opinion is those “google cash kit” people.  I was one of the rare people reporting these fake blogs the reason i was working so hard to report these fake blogs was because i didnt want to happen what is happening now. The worst part of these “google cash kit” blogs was the fact for some of them the phone numbers were not working. Now personally i could careless about “trial offers.” For those of you lost right now.

Ok the “google cash kit” blogs were trial offers which would intially charge the customer like $2 for a 7 day trial after the 7 day trial however the unsuspecting customer would be charged upto $600 sometimes. Ofcourse when these people saw these charges they would contact everybody including government watch dogs who would then do what they are doing now. Which is putting there tentacles into the internet marketing world.

This is bad for the small guy VERY VERY bad for the small guy who wants to come up and make money online. This plays into bigger businesses and It pushes the internet into the same situation the united states has right now which is major corporations have way to much power.

I am warning any reader who is reading this not to allow the FTC or any government organization into the internet we are more than capable of handling the internet without any government interference. Government interference could mean MORE TAXES online. When you have the chance read up on the FTC, I am one person who does NOT want any government watch dogs on me online.

This message is for anyone making money online or anyone who wants to make money online. The internet is in its baby stages and it’s about to head into its teenage faze. This is the point in which decides where the internet is heading. I’m letting you know right off the bat I am a CAPITALIST I am not a socialist I hate having government in my life an I think Communism is the devil.

Education in my opinion is the key to a better life. if people are properly educated there’s less need for government, the internet currently has a unique advantage on everything which is we can freely express ourselves in a way where we all can make a profit somehow. Unfortunately Scammers see this as an opportunity to make money, my view that’s fine that’s people some people (scammers)are just clueless, all we have to do is shine a light on these Scammers not only shine a light on these scammers but also educate people on what to look out of when it comes to a scam online.

That’s really just it or if you bump into a scam just send me a message if i’m not on vacation i will deal with it then and there. I really don’t want any internet watch dogs online. if your all for more government interference in lives you should read about communism and socialism. just wiki them there isn’t much of a difference in my view anyway just a note keep up to date on the FTC.