Funny CBC Article – No simple answers for high B.C. gas prices or impact of pipeline, NEB says – May 16, 2019,

Quick question, Does Government intervention which often includes Crown Corporations, price controls, price manipulations, and higher taxes cause inflation in prices or deflation in prices? Let’s say for example B.C had the lowest property taxes and coincidentally the Federal government created a scheme that allowed the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation(CMHC) to not only insure mortgages but to also but less than 20% down a residential property they desire, being that there is now a larger pool of buyers for mortgages, will property prices inflate or deflate(will prices for house go up or down)?

The Best And Worst Cities In Canada For Property Taxes
Vancouver has North America’s least affordable housing market … and its lowest property tax rates. – Huffington Post

As prices for residential properties go up, what is likely to happen to the prices commercial properties, you know leases and all the other commercially related prices are those prices likely to go up or down? Now, as these prices rise, let’s assume the government tacks on additional fees, expenses and regulations with these already inflated prices, what’s likely to happen? Could higher prices simply become the norm? The majority of BC’s problems stem from low property taxes, it’s important to remember how Leftists view the world, they assume that lower property taxes would result in more affordable housing, but they forget that they added rental controls, which is price control.

The reason why it’s unwise for the government to stick its nose into problems that market can fix is that rental controls equate to new tenants paying higher rental prices for rent-controlled current tenants, this is the reason why most politicians won’t tell a private landlord what they can charge a new tenant for rent. Buildings require day to day maintenance and most rental apartments are structured around debt. Therefore rent controls can become very costly, which obviously means that fewer companies are willing to offer rental housing. Making matters worse was this CMHC concept that says more Canadians should be able to own their own homes or CONDOS.

In B.C this has proven to be the most disastrous because B.C’s economy revolves around tourism, so if you look at CMHC and B.C’s lower property taxes, they became a magnet for money laundering, and what do money launderers love most? Inflated prices, which makes it easier for them to wash their capital. Now, this stuff is common sense, but you see Leftist prefer to make simple situations appear to be more complicated than they are. Therefore CBC writes this hilarious article that you can read below:

No simple answers for high B.C. gas prices or impact of pipeline, NEB says – CBC

Let it be known that prices all over Canada are inflated, but British Columbia has an affinity for Leftism, it’s an NDP run province, if B.C wasn’t run by the NDP, it would be an economic paradise, but it’s been run by the NDP and other Leftist politicians for decades now, changing the attitudes of the people out there would be a very difficult task because it’s important to understand that money laundering is B.C culture at this point. The free market creates wealth, the Government confiscates and redistributes wealth and in most instances, the government has it wrong, however, sometimes it takes a while for the big government diseases to manifest themselves. Although a lot of people say there will be this massive crash to the Canadian economy, I’ve often visualized a slow death to the Canadian economy, because we as Canadians have really embraced Keynesian economics.

You can hide economic problems with Keynesian economics, it’s only when things start to break down and industries get hallowed out that you start to realize the disastrous effects of Keynesianism. keynesianism revolves around fixing short term economic problems with Government intervention. B.C has a crown corporation as their auto insurer, I still think that’s hilarious. Auto insurance rates in B.C are now more expensive than they are in Ontario, which is hilarious because Ontario auto-insurance is a disaster and has been a disaster for years, yet the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia found a way to make auto insurance more expensive? How did that happen you ask?

Well, shouldn’t Crown Corporation employees get paid more than they would if they worked in the private sector? No, How dare you say that, Government workers, always get paid more than their private sector counterparts, plus these privileged people need benefits that don’t exist in the Private sector, and the best part is, because they’re a crown corporation they can simply pass those costs onto consumers, Canada Pot does it on the Federal level, why can’t ICBC with it’s 5,200+ employees and it’s 17.54 billion+ CAD in total assets do the same thing? I mean it’s not like it has any silly competition, it makes up its own price and the tax serfs of B.C have to shut up and deal with it.

But what does this have to do with Gas prices you say? Oh you, don’t understand that the Government causes the prices of things to rise and the more government intervention you have the more likely that a Trudeau imposed Carbon tax will cause prices for everything imported into B.C to rise also? Come on, you’re not that stupid, are you?

Interesting times ahead.