Gain Opinion Scam

Hi, first thing i want to make clear is that yes you can make money online from surveys, second thing i want to make clear is that you don’t have to pay someone to do so. So the question you might ask yourself then is why is asking you for your money so they can supposedly find you survey related jobs.

Does Gain Option Survey Jobs That Pay Up To $75 per Survey?

The answer to that question is if you sign up to Gain Opinion they are going to connect you with survey companies that are free to join that will pay you money to do surveys, in reality Gain Option is the middle man.

But however if you are under the impression that once you sign up for Gain Opinion you will get all these survey job offers paying you $20 per survey you are sadly mistaken. i’ve been taking surveys online for almost 10 years and i have never received a survey that paid me more than $5.

That being said you don’t have to pay anyone to make any money to $5 per survey. You can actually join these websites 100% free. Infact these websites have been looking hard and long for people just like you. But one thing about online surveys is that there is a catch.

What Gain Opinion is not Tell You’s failure to mention the most valuable part about taking online surveys is the main reason why i am giving them a negative review. The most important thing about online survey taking is Location! Location! Location!. If you’ve never taken an online survey before you might not be familiar with this but where you live plays a huge role in participating in online survey companies.

Also you have to qualify to take surveys these are important things Gain Option left out. Yes taking online surveys pays but you also have to qualify first. In terms of making money online taking surveys if you live in Canada, The United States, Australia or the U.K you can start making money taking surveys for free click here for my Work From Home post.

Much Better Option

If you live outside the countries i just mentioned and you want to take online surveys there is a much better source out there for you thats been online since 2003 its called Survey Scout. It’s called survey scout because all they do is find legit survey websites for people to join. Survey Scout is best used for international members and not needed if you live in the countries listed above.

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