Game of Chicken: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Launches Vaccine Passport More than 20% of Canadians aren’t even Partially Vaccinated – October 21, 2021,

Currently, at least 7.6 million Canadians aren’t even partially vaccinated, and if this number holds Maxime Bernier might find himself with a whole of votes in 2025. A lot of Canadians attributed Maxime Bernier getting 800,000+ votes because of the lockdowns, well Justin Trudeau just raised the stakes, and moving forward Justin Trudeau would be wise to stay out of scandals because sure he might win the election but the People’s Party of Canada potentially replacing the Conservative Party of Canada, would change the landscape of Canadian politics.

This is what I call playing a game of chicken, and it’s an interesting move by Justin Trudeau because well, the economy isn’t doing too well, the cost of things are rising people that haven’t been traveling might not want to travel anyway, making this Vacinne Passport purely a political talking point. Hey, voters, I’m going to lower the cost of living and make “My Body, My choice” a major part of my party platform.

Politics aside, let’s say there’s no political backlash to this mandate, this could become an economics issue because if there are additional virus variants, this passport might need to be updated over and over and over again. By that I mean, Trudeau has opened up a pandora’s box of costly regulations which could potentially accelerate the cost of travel in Canada. Of course, the cost of fuel is up, but meeting these regulations is going to be problematic for everyone involved in this mandate.

It’s a game of chicken, maybe this will lead to more people getting vaccinated, but then again, depending on what America does this could lead to a surge south of the border. Since Biden became President, illegal aliens that entered Canada are heading back to the United States and I’m not really sure of America’s political climate, but there’s definitely more of a push back against vaccine mandates in America than there is in Canada.

The Democrat’s largest voting bloc are Black Americans and they’re not exactly pro-vaccinations, so America could be a hodge-podge of differing regulations depending on the U.S State and not only could this fuel a brain drain from Canada to the U.S, but unvaccinated Canadians might start avoiding Canadian airports, which could become an economic problem.

On my end, I don’t think much of the mandate, depending on the length of this virus’s politicization this could be the new normal moving forward, but it could also become something optional no longer taken seriously in a few years. Once there’s an economic downturn, things change and the only reason there hasn’t been an economic downturn is because of the stimulus spending, I’m curious to see how this government mitigates PERMANENT rising energy and consumer prices fewer Canadians in the labour pool and more businesses either going bankrupt or forced to raise their prices and wages to meet government mandates.

Whenever consumer prices are forced up, economic deflation tends to accelerate, meaning the poor get poorer as their Canadian dollars can buy less in the economy.

Canada launches COVID vaccine passport for travel |
The standardised certificate will have a QR code for scanning at airports, train stations and other entry points.

Interesting times ahead!