You know there an easier way this landing page could have gone about promoting this online school. But oh yes no one would have entered there email address. If you reading this and advertisements get you curious at times like they do me then make sure you have a designated spam email address like I do.

Now allow me to lay something to rest about game testing. If PS3 or XBox wants to pay people to play games they will put the add in the news paper. If your from the Bay Area you exactly what i mean. and it usually works as a first come first serve thing. Usually game testing jobs go to people who know game designers or family members. The closes company that ever came to paying people to test games was “” but it turned out to be a scam directory of expired links.

At the same time you would have to sell yourself and pay to get in so this whole business in itself is a scam. If you want to learn how to design games go to school for it. I don’t like many of these online schools because most of they teach is available online for free. Also online diplomas and degrees typical don’t mean much. Even Everest college i know a ton of graduates who can’t find work and this was before the recession hit.

At the same time if you want to give it a try do whats best for you, i’m just not a fan of spending thousands of dollars for an online course I would personally feel like a sucker. best wishes to you either way peace.