GDI Review Is It a Scam

GDI Global Domains International is it a scam, First off I’m not a fan at all of MLM’s (Multi-Level Marketing) But at the same time i have to be fair and say no GDI is not a scam. Would I recommend you join them? NO, do I promote them? NO, do I hate MLM’s? YES,

The Pros & Cons of GDI

First the pro’s, there are probably a whole lot more pro’s that an actual GDI recruit can tell you but I will tell you the ones I know of. When you sign up with GDI you get a Domain name, Also from my understanding you also you get free GDI readymade websites to Promote GDI, I think if you recruit 5 people in a week you make $250 don’t quote me on that but I believe they have some sort of opportunity like that and depending on who recruits you, you might also get free referrals and help with affiliate marketing. Also unlike other MLM’s GDI is very cheap to join I think it’s around $10. It has a good system in place for an MLM.

The Cons

Now for the cons, One thing I HATE about MLM’s is the fact they cut your commissions GDI is $1 per recruit however if you get 5 recruits in a month you get $250 so I guess there’s some sort of balance there. But if you don’t get the 5 recruits; which in this day and age is very competitive because of how big GDI has gotten you’re only making $1 per recruit you will have to have 10 recruits underneath you just to break even. To me that’s where GDI starts sounding pretty stupid. If you’re really good at affiliate marketing to me there’s no real point in joining an MLM.

Why MLM’s Sound So Stupid To Me

If your good at internet marketing you’re better off starting your own MLM especially when it’s online but then again there are some pro’s to it I guess it’s just I see MLM as a waste of time because your helping someone else grow their business, but to each his own, another con is monthly fees for a domain name everyone associates with MLM, MLM’s are structured in the form of a pyramid view the image below

Multi Level Marketing

MLM Multi Level Marketing

MLM battles you may encounter be prepared

There are many people online that hate MLM’s so your market is quite small, also you start at the bottom of the pyramid and you will most likely have to pay to advertise to make any money in this type of business, I’m not saying you can’t make money I’m just saying it will be hard especially if you’re thinking about joining now.

MLM’s are usually only good if join early, although there have been success stories from MLM many think of multi-level marketing as a plague in business I am one of those but at the same time I will be fair and civil.

Final Thoughts

What can you really say about MLM? If that’s what you want to do with your extra money then do it, if it looks like a good investment try it, or maybe you just want a domain name go ahead and give it a try. Personally I would be offended if anyone approached me and asked me to join an MLM, being labeled someone’s recruit and the thought of someone making money off me for life in an MLM structure makes me sick to my stomach. But that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you,  If GDI is the business for you find the best recruiter possible and good luck.

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