Germany Gives US a Glimpse Into The Present and Future Failure of Renewable Energies: Germany faces gas supply ‘crisis,’ declares alarm level, German interest rates are sitting at 0% – June 23, 2022,

A little context, regarding the European Union. One of the reasons Germany subsidizes the EU revolves around European nations HISTORICALLY debasing their currencies instead of shrinking the size or EFFICIENCIES of their BIG Governments. When European nations have their own currencies and debase their currencies to pay for their public sector workforces, this makes it much more difficult for Germany to sell their products in Europe.

A lot of people ignore the importance of German companies being able to sell their products in Europe either “TARIFF” free or at a much lower tax rate than say American companies trying to sell into the EU nations’ marketplace. The European Union revolves around Germany, now, in countries like Spain, where apparently Spain is net exporter of Renewable energies, you have to go under the hood to see what’s really going on there.

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Although Spain exports renewable energy, it’s more of a VIRTUE signaling move, as Spain is HEAVILY reliant on importing energy. Currently, Spain’s inflation sits at around 8.7% in May 2022. I bring this up, because of all the political nonsense we’ve been bombarded with regarding renewable energy. When countries like Germany or Spain claim to be net EXPORTERS of energy, try to imagine getting more money for your energy abroad than you can get domestically.

I know some entities in the blockchain space, that wanted to mine Bitcoins from renewable energies as an example and if they’re willing to pay a premium to do it, why wouldn’t a for-profit renewable energy company not cater to them? The fancy wordplay that surrounds renewable energies is obviously getting exposed for the fraud that it is with Germany. Let’s be clear if Renewable Energy worked as people claimed, Germany would be all over it, because there’s a HUGE demand in Germany for it.

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There’s a huge demand for renewables all over the world, let’s stop ignoring that the DEMAND for renewable energies hasn’t reached record levels So why then hasn’t the market been able to keep up with the demand? It’s because how renewable energies are being promoted to us is a SCAM!

Allow me to give the lovers of renewables the benefit of the doubt because you have to remember a lot of people were conned into imagining that as long as the demand was big enough, THE GOVERNMENT would have found a way to make renewable energies work. A lot of people attribute the nuclear bomb to the government, a lot of people attribute air travel to the government, and people also attribute the INTERNET to the government, when this isn’t true.

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People, individual citizens SOLD these ideas to the government in hopes of STRIKING it rich, it’s a known fact if you want to make it rich, get a government contract. Now, let’s be clear, a DIVERSIFIED energy portfolio that INCLUDES renewable energies works perfectly well, but if you’re talking about phasing out fossil fuels for renewable energies like wind and solar, you’ve LOST YOUR FREAKING MIND!

Even oil can’t replace other sources of fuel, the mere thought of there being a one-energy fits-all as a solution for energy? It’s never happened before. Not saying it can’t happen, but with costs as high as they are now RESEARCH and development is at ridiculously high costs now. One of the reasons China is becoming the global leader in innovations is not because they’re necessarily smarter, it’s because the COST of doing business in China is cheaper.

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It’s not dirt cheap to do business in China, but it’s certainly CHEAPER. Understanding this China hasn’t been able to make renewable energies SOLVENT! Both China and Germany are global manufacturing POWERHOUSES and if neither hasn’t been able to make renewable energies work independent of fossil fuels, then the politicians should be honest with the people and tell them at least for now, our renewable energies revolution should be put on hold.

Now, I’ve been saying for years now and it’s one of the reasons I INITIALLY liked candidate Donald Trump for president is that I want INTEREST RATES back to normal, to force austerity measures and bring COSTS for businesses down, so we can start INNOVATING again. Excessive costs on productive people are what’s fueling all of this stupidity in the marketplace.

I personally think Joe Biden is the perfect example of how dumb the world is right now. The leader of the free world struggles to complete a sentence for fear of getting a negative reaction, potentially from his own base of support. Now, obviously being that Joe Biden is old, he’s no longer sharp, so for him to be POLITICALLY correct is much harder now than it would be in his younger years.

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But, Joe Biden is a sign of why interest rates at these abnormally low levels have to change. Will they change? I don’t know, but Germany is a productive country that’s doing everything in its power to subsidize the EU. German interest rates are currently sitting at 0% and have been there for a very long time, why? They don’t want to be too appealing to the marketplace, in fear, their economy gets too strong, which would obviously make other EU nations far less appealing to investors.

This is THE PERFECT example of ‘BIG GOVERNMENT’, refusing to be honest with their own people. This supposed Gas supply crisis in Germany is an easy fix, but a hard fix POLITICALLY because German Intelligencia and the various German political classes have been lying to the German people for DECADES about wind and solar.

Now, if you think politicians lying is some new phenomenon, you’re ignoring history, politicians are usually the people who START WARS. For people like myself, I don’t know if wars are started by politicians intentionally or if it’s because they’re idiots? I don’t like to be a conspiracy theorist, if you follow my writings, you’ll notice that I lean more towards DEMOCRACY being the problem.

Idiots and/or brainwashed people can vote for idiots to lead them. the Prussian educational system can train generations of idiots to obey the ruling classes of society. Most adults, TRUST their government, America, is the rare nation on earth in which large swaths of people DO NOT trust their government and this is VERY important, because it allows there to be more than ONE narrative.

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I try to learn the basics of every language and in a lot of languages, concepts, and ideas, that we take for granted in ENGLISH, are not commonly comprehended in their nations. Even in Canada, where I’m from, the French speakers, who don’t understand English, often have a hard to conceptualizing freedom and Liberty, why? Because they’ve been bombarded with Socialist ideas in which they imagine that if only they had the PERFECT Big government, everything would be okay.

I suspect in Germany, because of National Socialism, there’s a serious effort by those in the ruling classes, to steer the narrative in a direction that guarantees the ideas of the people in charge are never systematically challenged. Whereas in the English language, all we do is argue and debate, which in turn allows all of us to get smarter as to why Central Planning will always lead to WARS!

Germany faces gas supply ‘crisis,’ declares alarm level | abcnews

Interesting times ahead!